MP Marion Paper Art

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Book Eruption

26×32. Resist & transfer technique using overbeaten/pigmented cotton fiber in mister spray application.

Isostatic rebound adjustment

27×24 handmade paper with fern inclusions. collaged using resist & transfer technique


handmade paper from cotton blue jeans and other fibers. Chine colle block pieces on textured dried pulp

Blue Ice Bergy Bit

38×30 handmade paper with oak leaf inclusions. Cotton fibers from recycled blue jeans and other material. Kozo & Abaca pulp. paper floated on colored pulp


35×24 Pulp sheet slumped for bas relief effect. handmade paper stenciled free hand

ShadowGraph 2

32×26 multiple ribbons of handmade paper laid out in stripes to suggest layered landscape images. many areas layered over with very fine Asian paper air dried on stretched felt

Book Eruption Triptych

24×54 handmade paper

Rain Kwilt

24×18 misted cotton pulp over pulled base sheet using resist & transfer shapers and numerous layers of black hmp

Dragon Kwilt

24×18 misted cotton pulp sprayed over shapers in multiple steps. chine colle images in black gampi paper


24×18 resist & transfer technique using handmade paper pulp over kimomo silhouette shape