Coron Public Art

Garden of Knowledge

“Garden of Knowledge”, 2020, P.K. Yonge Development Research School, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Budget $65,000
Medium: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 3 structures, each 12 x 8 x 8”
The sculpture consists of 3 structures composed of three giant metal flowers adorned with butterfly students. It celebrates the school mission to be a space for the student to blossom and keep roots in the community. Designs relate to school’s studies and invite for interpretations.

Sounds Bite

“Sounds Bite”, 2019, E 116th Station, Cleveland, OH, Commissioned by RTA Budget $ 68,000
Medium: Stainless steel and printed glass Dimension: 8’ x 30’
“Sounds Bite” propose different flavors and styles of what’s cooking in the neighborhood. A stainless steel vine grows with food celebrated by the community while printed glass bubbles represent local music festivals. The art work, seen from the street and subway platforms, invite the public to be in harmony and syncing with others while not missing a beat from the ever changing neighborhood.

A Taste of Sustainability

“A Taste of Sustainability”, 2019, McCormick headquarter’s atrium, Hunt Valley, MA budget: $ 80,000
Medium: cut and powdered coated metal
Dimensions: 140” x 220”
Medallions representing seeds, tell the many stories of the interaction of people and plants in the growth of the company.

Lexington Life Column

“Lexington Life Column”, 2018, Lexington Avenue, Asheville, NC Budget $ 40,000
Medium: stainless steel Dimension: 15 x 2 x 2’
An architectural column tells the history of the new life of streets’ vital eclectic mix . The monument honors the founders’ vision and tenants’ diversity. It uses circles to convey the creative and civic
achievements for which the area is famous. The fifteen foot high column is visible from a distance, while details can be seen at close range.

Roots & Wings

“Roots & Wings”, 2019, Columbia River Gorge School, Washougal WA, cut stainless steel Budget $ 51,000
Medium: stainless steel Dimension: 5 x 40’ x 0.25”
Rooted in Columbia Gorge the students acquire the wings of education that can take them anywhere they wish. The panels depict local history as well as school trips. Book worms eating books as well as their transformation into butterflies symbolize the power of education. Additonal butterflies-students with alphabet wings are on the adjacent walls.

Finding your Wings

“Finding your Wings”, 2018, Chinese International School, Hong Kong Budget $ 15,000
Medium: vinyl print Dimension: 6 x 15’
Stories from the school and its mission. Realized during residency at the school and meeting the students.

A Sense of Direction

“A Sense of Direction”, Martin Luther King Wading Pool, Lancaster, PA budget: $ 35,000
Medium: cut and painted metal Dimensions: 19 panels, typical panel 5 x 7’
“Growing-up” and moving forward are metaphorically represented by iconic images of different means of locomotion. “Doing the right thing” is represented by the finials symbols of positive values. These finials were created from the metal taken out of the fences in the cutting process. A quote of Martin Luther King is cutout on the front gates in Spanish and English.


“Voyage Intérieur”, Château de la Roche-Jagu, 2016 France, metal sculpture for the garden Budget: $ 12,000
Commissioned by Domaine départemental de la Roche-Jagu
Medium: cut and shaped metal Dimension: 8’ x 33 x 33”
“Inward Journey” is a figurative sculpture to evoke a meditation in time and imagination. Full and empty shapes play between flat surfaces and volume, costume and armors, interior and exterior while retracing the history of the castle.

On the Right Track

“On the Right Track”, 104/Oxford St Station, A Train, New York City Commissioned by New York Transit Authority budget: $ 140,000
Medium: cut stainless steel with soldering Dimensions: 24 panels each panel 30 x 48”
A giant deck of 24 cards placed as window screen. Each card represents positive and uplifting moods that passengers might choose to endorse for their day. Viewed from the moving train, the cards will appear as an unfolding hand of cards.


“Cultivate your Mind in the Orchard of Knowledge”, 2010, Santa Teresa Library, San Jose, CA Commissioned by the City of San Jose, CA
Medium: cut , printed, sandblasted antique blown glass, cut metal, cut granite
Dimensions: 80” glass medallion in architectural glass, 10′ x 6′ metal tree, different inclusion of granite and stainless steel in the pavement (typical 8 x 11”)
Date of creation: 2009 budget: $ 220,000
Metaphorical environment depicting San Jose’s history and growth. All materials are presented within the mission of the library.

Metaphorical environment: when patrons approach the library, they experience the “Fruits of Knowledge Walk”, which are pages of granite and stainless steel embedded in the pavement with names of books including fruits. Then they see a “Biblio-Tree” a 10′ x 6′ stainless steel tree composed of international writing systems design, those roots of words grow in branches supporting books.Three designs of the “Tree of Knowledge” are placed on the windows at the entrance of the library, depicting San Jose’s history and growth.
An allegorical environment composed of:
- “Fruits of Knowledge Walk”, which are 27 pages (10 x 8”) and a mat of granite and stainless steel embedded in walkways
– “Biblio-tree” a 10 x 6’ stainless steel tree composed of writting systems and library materials
- “Tree of Knowledge” 3 concentric glass ring depicting San Jose’s history and growth, one 80” diameter, two 40” diameter