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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Stephanie Stewart

Owner P31 Art & Design LLC
Home County: Summit
Akron Ohio 44313 United States
Cell Phone: 2345259776 Website:


P31 ART & DESIGN is a Christian, family-run art and design company that was developed as a means to uplift our family’s entrepreneurial spirit. Our team is comprised of a mother-daughter duo with occasional contributions from her sons. Through artist expression, we take pride in ourselves as we enjoy the experience of creation and celebrate the uniqueness of every work of art. Our company is located in Akron, OH, and officially came into fruition in March of 2021. We are currently a fully operational online store that not only sells art, but also original pieces that are handcrafted and handpainted goods such as earrings, pouches, purses, and mugs. There are no two items that are the same. We also use our original paintings as inspiration for our fully customizable printable products for our journals, greeting cards, and wall art prints. At P31 Art & Design, our art is our passion available for all to enjoy.  Our long term goal is to eventually own and operate a brick and mortar storefront from which, as a hub we can offer a place for many artists to sell their art locally.

Owner and artist, Stephanie, is a wife to a loving and supportive husband and mother to 5 wonderfully rambunctious children. Stephanie enjoys crafting artwork that reflects her passions and expresses her feelings on what is going on in her home and community. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and gardening. She is currently a member of the Women’s Art League in Akron and the Cuyahog Valley Arts Center.

Co-Owner and contributor Kyla Ann, is Stephanie’s eldest. As a young adult with the energy and drive to make a difference in the world, Kyla Ann uses her social media management skills and passions to connect with other communities and individuals alike to bring both awareness to our company and the purpose of our artwork. She possesses a spirit of tenacity and ambition that is a much-needed contagion in the world.

Together the mother-daughter duo plans to bring awareness to Black Art while inspiring others to chase after their dreams. Our primary goal is to continue to become active advocates of the Black Art community aspiring to build networks of connections that can last a lifetime.

Artist Statement

Northeast Ohio self-taught artist Stephanie Stewart is an up and comping artreprenuer. Her works are known to capture the strength and beauty of her Black American Culture.  As a homemaker and gardener, Stewart uses a broad range of acrylic paints and abstract influenced techniques, in an attempt to bridge the visual 2D elements with the amazing formation of life. As owner and artist of P31 Art & Design LLC, Stewart has built her family run company based on undeniable redemption at a new chance in life given in grace to do good works. (Eph 2:10).   The artwork and products reproduced, represent the answer to a calling using artwork to tell a story and send a message of mercy, grace and hope.   Stewart a member of the Women’s Art League in Akron and the Cuyahoga Valley Arts Center.  Her work has recently been exhibited in juried events such as the Akron Black Artist Guild “Outlined in Black” Exhibition 2021, Women’s art League Fall Art Show 2021.


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