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Sean Monit

Membership: January 11, 2022 Website:


I’m an artist from Youngstown, Ohio.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2003, with a degree in Graphic Design. As many of my fellow graduates I struggled to find a job in my field, as it was a weird time when things were moving from print to the web, from Zip Disks to thumb drives. I entered the 9-5 world and have struggled with finding my niche ever since.

I moved to Columbus, Ohio around 2007 and attempted to get into web design. After many false starts, I found a passion for the analog arts (painting, drawing, sculpting, crafting, etc…) I was fortunate enough to get jobs in various Artists’ supplies stores and met some really cool and talented people along the way.

I found my way back to Youngstown in 2013, unsure on what to do with myself. I took the first desk job available (gotta pay the bills). I am now getting back in to my art more than ever. My hope is to one day support myself solely through my art ventures and build a team of artist friends who share the same passion for making cool stuff.