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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Scott Goss

Lecturer Cleveland Institute of ArtFoundations
Home County: OH
Shaker Heights Ohio United States
Home Ohio United States
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Scott Goss is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores various mediums including public art, sculpture, installations, and glass. Scott has completed numerous public art projects and commissions, including an interactive illuminated sculpture for Worthington Yards Apartments in downtown Cleveland, a gateway project for the city of Shaker Heights, OH, a viewing platform for the Cleveland Conventions Bureau, and a glass panel project for Summa Hospital in Akron, OH. He received his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2006 and his MFA from Kent State University in 2014. His work has been exhibited nationally and is represented by galleries in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. His work and research have additionally been supported through grants by the Ohio Arts Council, Harpo Foundation and Kent State University. Currently Scott is a Lecturer of Foundations at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I explore my concepts through a multitude of materials and processes, which can be broken down into three approaches: experiential installations, fused glass panels, and public art. Below are short statements for each approach.   In my experiential installations I create surreal video-based environments that explore human nature and the connections we with those around us. I am typically the protagonist in my work, and through extensive research and exploration into my own psychology, I seek to better understand both myself and others. My pieces, which lean partially toward the absurd and are usually slightly humorous, engage the viewer’s curiosity by encouraging them to peek, pry, and interact to fully experience the work. I do this by creating environments that often require the viewer to climb, lay, or crawl within the installation to discover hidden video projections and monitors.   These interactive environments are created with the use of computer-controlled machines and video projections. Each piece is controlled by one or more small computer modules called a Raspberry Pi. This simple computer allows the opportunity to specifically create systems that control the mechanisms and/or video displays incorporated into each piece. Using of a variety of mediums, including wood, steel, glass, and other building materials, the design of my work often references both architecture and engineering. With this, each piece I create seeks to find a better understanding of human interactions, while also activating the curiosity of my audience. *** In my glasswork I seek to depict a recognizable place, a building, a landscape, someplace you may have been before but may not fully remember.  They seem familiar, yet far away like they have disappeared deep into your memories.  When I approach a new piece, I look at the sheets of transparent glass in a painterly manner, as if each one is a blank canvas that can be used to investigate various ways to apply glass materials.  By layering various images together, interconnecting different landscapes through a process that includes digital rendering, painting, drawing, silk-screening, sandblasting, and engraving onto a sheet of glass, I develop a landscape that represents these memories.  Each step in my process builds a new layer within the piece, allowing me to create a landscape that appears to travel deeper into the material than it actually does.  This added depth, which capitalizes on the transparency of the glass, allows me to alter the perspective and create landscapes in which some objects are behind others when they should be in front of them.  Through the transparency of different glass paints and the building up of glass materials on the outside surface I can further portray my memories of these interconnected architectural spaces and landscapes. *** As a public artist and designer, I seek to design and fabricate sculptures that successfully reflect on the cultural, architectural, or the environmental history of the proposed sites. This work is designed to be durable and long lasting, utilizing my experience and knowledge in construction and engineering. While each piece is reflective of the space they exist in, each is designed to incorporate interactivity, so the viewing public can actively participate with the work.