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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Rani Reyes-Martin

Home 6099 Howick Rd County: Mercer
Celina Ohio 45822 United States
Home Ohio United States
Cell Phone: 4198523100


Hello, I’m Rani, an artist with a profound love for the world of colors and creativity, shaped by a rich family heritage steeped in artistic expression. Coming from a family of artists, I was privileged to grow up in an environment where art was not just a hobby but a way of life. My father and older brother were accomplished painters in the Philippines, and from a young age, I unconsciously immersed myself in the intricacies of their creative expression.

Professionally, I pursued a path in physical therapy, driven by a desire to heal and care for others. Despite my dedication to this noble profession, my passion for painting never wavered. In the earlier years of my artistic journey, more than two decades ago, I made a mark on the art scene by participating in and winning a juried exhibit in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This was a pivotal moment that solidified my identity as an artist. However, life took me down a different path as I embraced the responsibilities of raising a young family with my husband, leaving me with limited time for my artistic pursuits.

As my family grew and my profession demanded more of my time, I painted whenever I could. Recently, I have rekindled that passion, dedicating more time to my craft. My art is a reflection of my journey, influenced by my love of nature, experiences, and the celebration of God’s handiwork and beauty all around us. Painting is my way of using the gift God has given me for His honor, a way of expressing the awe I feel for this beautiful life, and of adding a touch of vibrancy to the world around me. Life is a canvas, and I’m here to make it a masterpiece that reflects the glory of the One who created it all.


Artist Statement

In my artistic journey, my primary focus is to create art that glorifies and honors God. Each brushstroke is an expression of the awe I feel for His creation, a celebration of His divine handiwork. My inspiration lies in capturing the beauty of life and nature, reflecting the vibrant world He has crafted. I strive to infuse my art with a sense of reverence, using my God-given talent to bring joy, inspiration, and a glimpse of His grace to those who engage with my creations. Ultimately, my aim is to convey His love and magnificence through the colors and forms of my artwork.