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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Owen McCafferty

Freelance Professional Artist NoneNone
Home 21900 Addington Blvd. Apt. #219 Rocky River, Ohio 44114 County: Cuyhoga
Rocky River Ohio 44116 United States
Home Phone: 440 558 6831 Website: Owen,s Gallery of Visual Art


                As an inspiring professional artist I often ask myself what inspired me to become a professional artist.  I have allways  find my inspirations and even encouragement to create has come from other artists especially those who have visual limitations as I do. I have been an artist for a good while now and I’ve tried different media such as acrylic painting, textural art, oil pastel, and now more recently digital artwork.  I have been recognized for my artwork through Ohio Arts Council, Art Possible of Ohio, National Federation of the Blind Ohio, Cleveland Sight Center, Beck Center For Arts even my old Alma Mater Ohio State School for the Blind.  Although I never really got successful as other blind or visually impaired artists such as John Bramblitt or Jeffery Owen Hanson who were successful blind or visually impaired artists in their own right as a visually impaired artist myself  that I can look up to them for inspiration and encouragement. 

I take great inspiration on their  life stories of diversity being professionals artists in a very sighted competive career field which can be tough and have a lot of ups and downs but it’s worth the struggles.   But if you have the desire and passion for creating art and have strong beliefs and faith than my advice to you is just don’t give up, keep going and you will get to your own success! I enjoyed hearing on how they became successful with their skills talents despite their disabilities and overcame their roadblocks in life.  I am am hoping through my own online art gallery website that I can share not only my various artworks but my own life story how I overcame challenges and experiences and stories throughout my art career. 

Artist Statement

To inspire and encourage other disabled artists to grow in their art and use their skills and talents to show and encourage other artists.