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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Marianne Philip

Art Impressions
Home 2869 Wellesley Rd. County: Franklin
Columbus Ohio 43209 United States
Home Ohio 43209 United States
Home Phone: 6149898812


I grew up in Long Island, NY, near the ocean. To this day, I’m still inspired by nature and landscapes, water and rain.
As a self-taught artist, I let my creativity flow, trying not to have any preconceived ideas about the end result. This allows my results to be raw and unfiltered. I hope that others experience that escape and feel as if they can take their minds to the settings within each piece.
Before the pandemic, I was drawn to darker colors and shadows. My process of creation had always been, and continues to be, a refuge from my past and present struggles with opioid addiction as well as from symptoms of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
Since the start of the pandemic, I have experienced increased isolation and loneliness. Since spending more time on my own social distancing, my creativity and productivity have increased. I now find myself drawn to brighter colors, in contrast with the bleak reality we are all living in. I wake up at first light and work on art projects and continue all day until nightfall!
The pandemic has taught me that I can find my creative sanctuary regardless of what is going on with the world and no matter what tools I have at my disposal. Rather than using traditional paints and brushes, I use household materials. I want people to understand and appreciate that anyone can be an artist and that often times the mediums we need to make are things we already own.

Artist Statement

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Early/Middle Childhood Education from The Ohio State University 1979-1987. While at OSU, I took an art class and realized I liked painting.

From 1990-2003 I tutored children in English, Writing and Reading as well as Arts and Crafts.

I started painting on a more full time basis in 2013.  

In May 2020, I was a featured artist in Columbus Alive. The article was based on my solo show at Fresh A.I.R. Gal-lery. Later in the year, with my Stroll through Central Park painting, I was Signature/Feature Artist for the annual Art in Recovery at Fresh A.I.R. Gallery.

Mac Worthington Gallery 2018-2019
Creative People Gallery 2020
Seen Studios at Chromedge 2018-Present
Fresh AIR Gallery (Online) 2020
Golden Hobby Shop 2020-Present
Fresh AIR Fundraiser (Top 10 Selected) 2021
Zen Chai Room (Short North) 2021-Present
Chromedge Gallery March 2020

HeArt of Concord 2015-Present