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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Manda Marble

Website: Manda Marble


Manda is a self-taught artist, but learned quite a bit as a child from her grandmothers. Both were artists in very different mediums, but Manda’s art reflects the influences of each. Manda is a mixed media artist and loves working with natural elements and incorporating them into her work. She collects seed pods, flowers, and plants and presses them to include in many of her collage pieces.

Manda’s collage work is inspired by the vintage feminine, fairytales, and flowers. I incorporate natural elements, vintage up-cycled fabrics, and layers of inks and paint into these works to bring a feeling of softness, comfort, and familiarity to the audience. Much of Manda’s work includes enchanting depictions of nature.

She also enjoys creating abstract mixed media floral and nature themed pieces that evoke a sense of dreaminess. She sets out to bring to life the enchanting beauty of Nature with extreme detail and colorful whimsy.

“When creating, I enjoy connecting the starry night sky to the magic of the flowers on the earth. I see the magic and mystery in both of them. We all physically stand between them in this realm. It’s a sparkly and special place to be if you stop and notice. I try to convey this magic to you through my art.”

Artist Statement

I gather inspiration from all the intricate and delicate plants and mysterious animals and insects that I see when enjoying the forest, the mountains, and the sea. Nature simply enchants me. Putting these feelings onto canvas with a brush and a variety of vibrant colors allows me to channel the loving and peaceful vibe that is being offered, and I find so much joy in sharing that with you. Many times when I am painting, I become connected to the very essence of the subject matter and feel a mingling with their spirit. As I paint them, they teach me to look at them more deeply, keenly, and with pure adoration. I allow this feeling to carry my hand and inspire my color choices. May the mystery and beauty of Nature bring you so much love and peace.

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