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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Leni Schwendinger

Public Artist Leni Schwendinger Light Projects
Other Westbeth Home to the Arts 55 Bethune Street D1016
New York NY 10014 United States
Cell Phone: 212-300-6350 Website: Nightseeing Website: Personal Website

Artist Statement

Leni Schwendinger has developed creative methodologies for site-specific art and design projects for 25-years. She is a leader in creative undertakings and a partner in collaborative team efforts. Involvement with design teams and consulting with community stakeholders is integral to her studio’s process of developing and constructing public artworks.

Additionally, since summer 2017, Schwendinger is leading an international team to develop a new field: Nighttime Design ( Our international team pilots locally-informed, interdisciplinary, environmental design which aims to increase discretionary hours of social and physical activity in public space. The intended outcome is better health and economic vitality.

Artwork examples
Her artworks include interactive video and LED sculptures for Dallas Main Street Park, SpectraScape, and Liberty Science Center (NJ), Spatial Portrait, and a glass, metals and light sculpture in San Diego, Tidal Radiance, for their Port. Underway is a project, Seasonal Light, for the Mayfield Road RTA station in Cleveland. Recently she led an LED upgrade for her seminal Dreaming in Color at the Seattle Center, and freshly programmed the dynamic sequences. As a Design Trust for Public Space fellow, Leni is involved with a New York City Department of Transportation pilot in Brooklyn. The monumental Gowanus Expressway Elevated Space is the test site for illumination and green infrastructure intended to roll out into multiple implementations in the future.

Expanding Upon Collaborative Experience
Artists: Dreaming in Color is now available for other artists and designers to experiment with the 9 layers of 30-ftx50-ft metal mesh screen colored light applications.
Designers and more: Dreaming in Color (initial version) was an in-depth collaboration with a theatre designer, architectural lighting design firm, architects, engineers, and the Seattle Center authorities.
Transportation officials, electrical contractors, architects: Seasonal Light, in Cleveland, was developed over the course of several years, as the RTA and architect iterated various design approaches.
City officials: NYC Department of Transportation is a known entity for Leni’s projects and design applications. She is currently advising for new policy in regard to underpass lighting.

Public Work Issues
Schwendinger and her team are experienced and aware that public projects have technology, maintenance and weather requirements. At times, especially with the support of the commissioning arts organization. these can be negotiated. Installations are only successful when owner/stakeholders and artist are in alignment about these requirements.

In Closing
As nighttime activities and flexible working hours increasingly redefine urban experience, greater emphasis is focused on illuminating the after-dark environment. Schwendinger’s large-scale commissions have successfully enlarged the possibilities of public space design; our cities’ parks, plazas, waterfronts and streets through transformational public palettes–exemplifying lighting as the essential element of our 24/7 world.


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