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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Jesse Satterfield



Jesse Satterfield was raised in a tourist trap on the Jersey Shore and spent his adolescence working as a carnival barker and boardwalk game operator; he spent his summers handing out fuzzy, overpriced prizes to sunburnt B.E.N.N.Y.s with bad attitudes.

He holds a Master of Arts in Critical Studies and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fiber and Art History from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). He suffered for six years as a production seamster, upholsterer, and art framer in the Mid-Atlantic interior design industry before returning to the magical realm of fine arts and academia in his pursuit of an MFA at Kent State University.

Artist Statement

As an artist and writer, I create work to explore my own complicated identification and disidentification with queer aesthetics, experiences, and environments through conceptual and physical processes. The word queer is also a verb: To queer is to upset hetero-normative structures by drawing attention to unique identities and by interrogating monocultures and by celebrating social / sexual divergence.

Weaving and sewing are the primary techniques used in the creation of my queered objects and spaces. Through writing in comedic prose, I examine my own identity in relation to Queer Theory, discomfort, and dark humor. My work plays with the aesthetics and narratives of gay loneliness through material exploration while constructing my flamboyant Wallflowers woven on the floor loom and the remediation of anonymous images from digital cruising grounds in my Grindr Horizons woven in collaboration with the digital jacquard loom.