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Jesse Ly



Jesse Ly is an Asian-American photographic and image-based artist. They hold a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History and a certificate in Critical Visions from the University of Cincinnati’s college of DAAP. They currently are the Graphic Design and Photography Media Facilities Coordinator for Art & Design at the University of Dayton.

They have exhibited work both nationally across the United States and internationally. A selection of solo exhibitions include Image Interference at Basketshop Gallery – Cincinnati, OH, I witness, I Observe, I am not, I am. at Capsule Gallery, – Dayton, OH. Group exhibitions including Wild Frictions The Politics and Poetics of Interruption at The Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati, Auto//Update at the Carnegie – Covington, KY, About Future at Millepiani – Rome, Italy.

Ly has also worked collaboratively as a member of Hot Take Press, producing publications to expand the possibilities of exhibition through print with other artists at institutions including: The Carnegie (Covington, KY), The George Eastman Museum (Rochester, NY), Beeler Gallery at CCAD (Columbus, OH) the Geffen at MOCA (Los Angeles, CA) Denny Dimin Gallery (New York, NY) and Printed Matter (New York, NY – Brooklyn & Chelsea)

Artist Statement

Jesse Ly is a visual artist who primarily uses a photographic approach that incorporates processes of sculpture, installation, bookmaking, and writing to inform and expand imagery. Their work explores identity through representation in photographs and its liminal qualities of existence. This examines how photographic depictions may incite differentiation in presence and portrayal through representation versus actuality.

These concepts surface in formats of self-analyzation, fixating on how Ly and those they have immediate discursive relationships with exists through imagery. By utilizing these depicting objects, a further dialog of the relationships of image making, existence, and conceptual formulation is apprehended. By then intervening and examining the indexical structure of these photographs, a visual inquiry of physical, ethereal and psychological spaces become re-contextualized through the perception and depiction of the liminal spaces and notions imagery creates.