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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Jeffrey Knick

Home 7638 Summerwood Dr County: Franklin
Columbus Ohio 43235 United States
Cell Phone: 6144392785 Website: Jeffrey Knick Landscape and Architectural Paintings


Raised just outside of Columbus, Ohio, Jeffrey grew up on a fully functional family farm along the Big Darby Creek, and, at a young age, he fell in love with the picturesque beauty of the landscape. 

Throughout Jeffrey’s schooling, he found a comfort in creativity. Art class was always his favorite and was a place where he could be himself. In 2005 Jeffrey chose to take his passion for art to Columbus College of Art & Design, and, in 2008, Jeffrey earned his Bachelor of Fine Art degree. Certain he wanted to give back all that his schooling offered him, Jeffrey went on to Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio to obtain his Master of Education Degree. Graduating in 2010, he spent the next 12 years dedicated to k-12 education in various settings while also creating art professionally – mostly entering local juried exhibitions. 

More recently, Jeffrey has focused on painting realistic landscapes and cityscapes and often includes a complex arrangement of buildings and natural elements. Growing up so close to a mid-sized city all of his life also fed an interest in architecture, signs, and an interest in how geometric qualities of the city interact with natural elements that surround. 

Jeffrey’s love for the land and connection with people through many years of teaching all seem to come together to generate art that displays a deep appreciation for people’s connection to a place. This comes through in Jeffrey’s work where sometimes he takes his viewers to the biggest attraction around like Times Square, and sometimes he shows you the alley behind all the action where the workers enter for their next shift. Jeffrey has an interest in the way people interact with these different settings and his work aims to capture the essence of a place in a way that makes the viewer feel like they have a prior familiarity with the scene. 

Artist Statement

My work is about the mysterious qualities that a place can hold for us and how we see ourselves within spaces. The images I work from, or with, are captured within an endless stream of intriguing compositions that I feel compelled to gather on my journeys. The images I select to work with are the ones that give me an almost deja-vu-like  feeling as I reflect. They feel important and iconic to me in some way.