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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Jaqueline de Melo Silva

Home Phone: 7048077465 Website: Artist Website


Jaqueline de Melo Silva (She / Her / They)
was born in Coimbra, Portugal. And grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. She received her first technical dance training as in adolescent with Ballet and Contemporary influences through the lens of competitive performance. She studied Art, Design, and performed in the Winterguard(2013) at Western Carolina University, and holds a B.A. in Interior Design(2016). Jaqui has been studying, researching, and experimenting with Contact Improvisation since 2018 and joined a cohort of artists for a 6 month intensive residency at Oberlin College from January through July of 2022. She continues to attend intensives and workshops with a focus on improvisational dance and movement. Engages in Contact Improvisation performances, ranging from duets to group ensembles. Co-plans and organizes artist led residencies. Facilitates Contact Improvisation jams, workshops, and classes. And explores the intersection of multidisciplinary artforms. 

Her creative work and life explores the boundaries of movement as alchemy, transforming energy and creating artwork through a process of movement exploration with multidisciplinary influences. As a dancer, mover, and performer her personal practice is rooted in the experiential crossroads of physical connection and collaboration between bodies in motion. As a writer and poet, her works are typically free verse, heavy in imagery, and deeply personal.

She is deeply committed to cultivating sensation, presence, spontaneity, playfulness and curiosity in her creative work. Through performance, facilitation, teaching workshops and classes, she invites fellow movers of all experience levels to co-create dynamic, intimate and investigative movement experiences. Jaqui is fascinated by the endless possibilities for creative self-expression that arise when we allow ourselves to move and be moved by one another. With deep reverence for the transformative power of dance and embodiment, she strives to create spaces that invite us all to be fully present, vulnerable, and alive together.

As a traveling multidisciplinary / interdisciplinary artist and nomad, Jaqui frequently exists at the intersection of many different communities. Currently Jaqui is residing in Central Ohio.