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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

James Rogers


B.A. degree in fine arts from Youngstown State University in 1972. From ’91-’93 I reentered YSU through a retraining program and studied graphic design. My second time in college gave me the spark I needed to find my voice as a serious artist. Besides learning about computers for the first time I was introduced to photography which quickly became my main outlet in sharing my art. Before that I was primarily doing collages. I still find them compelling and find myself using my prints in them. My whole life I’ve been interested in history and the art history classes I was required to take my second time around were valuable in showing me what came before and helping to mold my personal style. In 2005 I discovered another creative outlet for my artistic skills in the form of writing. This has also complimented my visual side.


Artist Statement

My images are the result of me being present in the moment, otherwise known as awareness. This means slowing down to notice anything and everything. In order to capture these moments in time I rely on my imagination, something all artists need. I’ve been told many times that I have a special eye for seeing things that others overlook. My eyes are like paint brushes and my canvas can be the sky, the pavement, the forest floor, or any surface I encounter. Composition follows seeing. Art is meant to be shared and when someone looks at one of my photographs, I expect a reaction. That reaction is personal to them and most importantly it’s a conversation starter. Story telling can begin with images and I consider myself blessed by the universe to be able to get that conversation started.