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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Glen Holland

Website: Glen Holland


Born and raised in Texas, the son of a Southern Baptist preacher, and educated at the University of Texas and the Ohio State University, I have lived and worked in Columbus, Ohio since 1992 with my wife, the novelist Michelle Herman. Among my honors and awards are six individual artist’s fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council and one from the Greater Columbus Arts Council, a Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Fellowship, Yaddo Residency, and the Ohio Arts Council Artist in Residence Fellowship at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. My work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Boston, Memphis, Tulsa, Springfield, Portsmouth and many other cities throughout the U.S. For many years, I primarily showed my work at the Keny Galleries in Columbus Ohio and at Fischbach Gallery in New York City.

Artist Statement

These objects are paintings, comics, retablos, all in one, as they present visual and textual information with methods drawn primarily from those genres, and with which the concept, form, execution, and function are set. They begin, in practice, with, a wood panel with a traditional glue/chalk gesso ground. Drawing, sketching, inking with graphite, colored pencil, and India ink precede painting with shellac inks, egg tempera, (sometimes) acrylic, and water miscible oils, as called for by the work. The sizes are determined by comics, as they are resized proportionally from the dimensions of standard comics formats. Although larger than a printed comic they are similar, or a bit larger than original hand drawn comic artwork. The painting size is small, also, to offer an intimacy, as in retablos ex votos, made for personal devotion, and to inspire a viewers quiet contemplation, communication, and consideration. And so, like comics there are words and pictures, as in ex-votos there is the scene from life and the commentary, and as in paintings a concern with form, composition, color and value, and presentiment-but the reading of the comic is enhanced, and erased, by the process of painting, and the retablo is not a vow but a lament, and the textual and visual information is mixed, and left open to interpretation by the viewer. 


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