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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Felicity Gunn

Artist Columbus Printed Arts CenterPrintmaking
Home Phone: 6146326019 Website: Last Draft Studio


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Felicity has long been a spectator of the Ohio’s thriving arts scene. Attending workshops at the Wexner Center, Gallery hops in the short north, trips to CMA all helped influence Felicity to pursue a job in the arts. Felicity received her BFA in Printmaking from Ohio University and fell into an incredible position after graduation as Program Director for All People Arts, a grass roots arts organization on the South Side of Columbus, where she has remained for the past two years. 

Felicity maintains a regular art practice rooted in illustration and printmaking and has a deep love for community collaboration. She is currently a studio assistant at Columbus Printed Arts Center, which has been an incredible connector to many different print and photo-based artists across the city and state. Felicity has had the opportunity to curate, show work, and jury state wide exhibitions throughout her time in Columbus and is currently working on a group show at 934 Gallery in July of 2024. 

Felicity also plays keyboard/synth for a growing Columbus-based band called Big Fat Head and has had the opportunity to play music at many of the venues throughout the state, midwest, and along the East Coast!

Artist Statement

With community at the center of my art practice, I aim to cultivate and maintain relationships rooted in the arts in response to local social and material environments. I’m drawn to the raw nature of marks made available through print along with the overwhelming feeling of loss within detail. My work is a reflection of the natural reclamation that takes place within space either by nature or by our own human hands. More specifically, I’m currently exploring the chaos of femininity as it relates to arbitrary structure and resulting disorder within nature.

I actively work to observe the present moment, varying by setting, by way of routine sketch booking, assemblage of ephemera, and intentionally filling space through installation and a general physical existence. I stack and layer and create work, primarily based in printed illustration, to collect and archive moments of an existence alongside others. It’s an appreciation of community driven connection and an attempt to understand the human tendency to save pieces of who we were as we become who we are.