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Elisabeth Murphy


Forty years’ experience as figurative artist in oils, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, alkyds, ink; have been bought, sold, exhibited, framed and buried

Thirty-seven years’ experience as professional certified drafter and engineer, using both drawing board and CAD (Computer Aided Design)

1986-1990: Jewelry designer for P.J. Rone Company, including “24 Hour Camel” pin; “Let Go, Let God” butterfly coin

1989: Instrument Society of America Scholarship Award, “Robotics and Human Factors Engineering”

1990: Clarence Feil Award, Outstanding Engineering Graduate, Central Ohio Technical College

1994: AT&T Affirmative Action Award for Americans with Disabilities Act, company support and development

2003: Bell Laboratories President’s Silver Award, Technical Contribution

2007: Portrait of Emily Dickinson and Family selected for the Columbus, Ohio Main Library exhibit

2010: Franklin University Leadership Scholarship

2012: Solo Exhibit, Ohio University, twelve selected works of the Women’s Historical Portrait Series

Artist Statement

As an artist, I enjoy the freedom to re-establish history by researching and painting women who were once well-known, but who have since been forgotten. I have learned that half of history has gone missing and many important contributions and fascinating stories remain to be unearthed and brought to light—and life! I have been painting portraits of historical women for forty years.

Each picture is composed using reference photographs, drawings of objects taken from life, models, written descriptions, and props. Creating a composition takes research and work, but I have fun consulting ship builders, pilots, tailors, librarians, curators and historians. Each picture is a window through which the viewer is encouraged to time-travel to a place where history is fascinating.

If you’ve looked at one of the faces in my pictures and thought “Who is that?”, I feel that I’ve succeeded in introducing you to a new friend from the past. At this point you’ve made a personal connection with your heritage and the exhibit becomes an interactive experience. I have found women’s history to be far more diverse and adventuresome than I had imagined. I hope you find it so, too.


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