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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Dawn Petrill

Art At Dawn LLC
Home 6610 Weston Circle E. County: Franklin
Dublin Ohio 43016 United States
Cell Phone: 614-917-8143 Website:


Dawn is a 1995 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and received a MALS from Wesleyan University in 2001.  She began her artistic career as a freelance illustrator, and then took a break from art to raise her 3 kids- her oldest being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3.  When her youngest child was about to enter Kindergarten, Dawn knew that she NEEDED to get back into her art career.  With the help of a job coach, she set up her fine art business, Art At Dawn LLC.  Now 9 years later, Dawn has a thriving business where she paints and exhibits her work both locally and nationally.  She also teaches children and adults out of her home studio and has a bi-monthly drawing Zoom class with adults of early onset dementia through the Central Ohio Alzheimer’s Association.  Dawn believes in giving back and often volunteers her time to church organizations, girl scouts, and pet rescue organizations to help their missions through her art.  She is a member of the Dublin Area Art League, Worthington Area Art League, Ohio Art League, and the National League of American Pen Women.

Artist Statement

As a child, we moved around many times.  My parents divorced when I was six and my siblings and I moved with my Mother from Kentucky to Wisconsin.  Then my Mother re-married and we moved again to Virginia.  I longed to spread my wings and chose the Cleveland Institute of Art as my next adventure.  While there I met my husband.  We were wed after I graduated and moved to London while he worked towards his Post-Doctorate.  After a few years in the UK we moved back to the states and lived in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and finally landed back in Ohio.  

From all these experiences and also our travels throughout the US and Europe, Place is definitely a theme in my work.  I am particularly drawn to nature in its many forms and how it relates to Place.  My work is full of texture, and in the last several years I’ve even begun to embed objects into my mixed media, acrylic paintings.  I want the viewer to be able to shift their focus between the layers in my paintings.  To see the picture in its entirety and then examine the nuances within them caused by the texture and embedded objects.

What excites me is how this interpretation of Place and nature can shift with each new canvas.  There are endless possibilities, and I’ve only just begun to explore them.


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