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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

david buttram

painter Home BrandStudio B


( b. 1947- Cleveland, Ohio)  Painter David Buttram pursues the ever-changing character of the inner-city through his paintings. Inspired by the styles of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, a few of the Impressionist, and the works of The Ashcan school. Buttram seeks to create images of natural and man-made objects, through various combinations of light, shadow, reflections and color; which reveal a range of human emotions and moods.

Buttram expects the viewer to explore evidence of toil and strife, beauty and peace.

Buttram is a graduate of Cooper School of Art, The Cleveland Institute of Art, and Kent State University. Earning a BFA from  CIA; and a Master of Art in Fine Arts at KSU. Buttram has exhibited throughout at Karamu of Cleveland; The Kettering Gov. Center, The Cleveland Institutes of Art; The CSU Gallery of Cleveland The Mansfield Arts Center; He has shown on numerous occasions at the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago, Ill.; The Bridgeport Art Center of Chicago, and the Waterloo Art gallery of Cleveland, Ohio.

Buttram, a former U.S.Marine Vietnam Veteran, and is a retired art educator of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Artist Statement

   Art accepted in most societies and communities seem to be aimed at their own relevancy; My intentions are to create a series of paintings of natural and man-made objects found within “The Inner-City”, ( a place of confinement and hope).

Using  various combinations of light,shadows, reflections, and color; which reveal a range of human emotions and moods. Even as time moves forward, people and images present different looks and attitudes.

The viewer should be able to explore evidence of toil and strife, beauty and peace.

                                                ~ david buttram