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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Daric Gill

Interdisciplinary Artist


b. 1982, USA. Internationally recognized fine artist

Daric Gill belongs to a movement in the arts that explores the development of several professional bodies of artwork by one artist. He has displayed his work internationally and has sold art on 3 continents and over 16 countries. 

His award-winning oil paintings (The Absolutes Series) has been exhibited in such establishments as Galerie Raskolnikow (Germany),  Lolo Taller Galleria (Cuba), Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Museum (South Korea), the John F. Peto Museum (NJ), the Edward Hopper House Museum (NY), George Billis Gallery (Los Angeles & Chelsea NYC), Center of Science and Industry Museum (OH), and the Columbus Museum of Art (OH).

Gill also has an award-winning series of interactive robotic sculptures (The Living Machines) that have been featured at the Columbus Museum of Art and several international publications including International Art Market Magazine, Artist Talk Magazine, and Make: Magazine. Other notable features by technology giants like Arduino,, Xataka Spain, Digi-Key, and Adafruit Industries. Their interactive nature can be seen in museums, galleries, public parks, and other urban spaces. In addition, his metal sculptures and portrait paintings have been exhibited alongside the works of Warhol, Picasso, Calder, Lichtenstein, and the like.

He is a recipient of the 2019 Artist Exchange in Dresden, Germany, 2019 Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, and 2018 Visual Arts Fellowship from the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Currently, he has a show at the Columbus Museum of Art. Gill has served as a juror for the 2017 Winter Park Arts Festival International and the 2015 Columbus Arts Festival. He is a former adjunct professor at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

Artist Statement

The Absolutes
The Absolutes
are a series of oil paintings on reclaimed wood. T
he subject matter is intentionally minimal, full of symbolism, and often blends the line between artifact and narrative display. These paintings follow a belief that to explore, one has to travel through an unknown area in order to learn about it. There is no deeper source of exploration than the human experience. Each element in this series is a visual vignette rooted in real events which is then arranged into timelessly familiar moments.

The Living Machines
The Living Machines
is a series of interactive electronic & robotic installations that abstractly mimic the emotional nuances of living organisms through light, motion, &/or sound. These robotic installations reflect the harder to quantify expressions of life like excitement, extraversion, shyness, persistence, reflection, the ability to dream, etc.

Using a broader perspective of biomimicry, this work doesn’t seek to improve industrial performance through imitating physical articulations, or dexterity-of-motion. Instead, the goal is to fascinate, engage, inspire, & reflect on our own social & emotional significances using interactive feedback. These machines are explorations into the remarkable world of emotional intelligence. 

Combining interests in engineering, science, technology, & art, The Living Machines are truly an interdisciplinary endeavor. Investigating the more intimate characters of life (like personality) is something that persists throughout all of my work. As my understanding of new technology becomes stronger, so too does the reflective possibilities of this series.