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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Chad Collofello

Collofello Fine Art
Website: Collofello Fine Art


IL State University School of Fine Art for BFA Concentrated in Painting and Printmaking and Minor in Studio Art Graduate in 2002

2002-2003 Taught for Heartland Community College/ Continuing Education in Bloomington IL

2004-2011 Taught Five non-consecutive years at the International Music and Fine Arts Camp in the International Peace Gardens, ND and Canada

Currently MFA Graduate Student at Ohio University School of Art and Design

Artist Statement

Through my work I’m attempting to capture feelings of stress and isolation brought on by how we perceive the space we are in and how a shift in that space can change our feelings in a moment.

I’m considering the role current technology could be adding to our isolation, the effects all this is having on our mental health,… while also considering how we may have to live in a world with changes in the air we breathe and the light we are immersed in.

Within this work I am telling part of our story, expressing feelings from moments, lived and observed, from past, present, and possible future. 

While I have used my children as models, the work is about us.  I’ve used them as a surrogate… similar to how you can use an object as a surrogate for the figure or the television as a surrogate for a parent.  However the work does expose several issues of the current human condition they are struggling to live with. Climate Crisis, Mass extinction, Wildfires, Global Pandemics, Acidic Oceans, Alkaline Rivers, Climate Equity, Water shortages, Murders by Police, Anxiety, Depression, Eco-Anxiety, and so much more I will not be able to question in my work.