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Antonio Gonzalez Garcia

Home 1378 S 3rd St. County: OH
Columbus OH 43207 United States
Home Phone: 4194709259 Birthday: August 20, 1990


Antonio Gonzalez Garcia (1990) was born in Spain. He studied Fine Arts at the Fine Arts School of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, and at the Superior Fine Arst School of Avignon, France. He entried the Superior Fine Arts School of Avignon after passing an entry exam where only two places where available and more than one hundred artists were presented. He quit the Superior fine Arts School for personals reasons and keep developping his own style. In France he met Rachel E. Kopec and travel to Italy. After two years of long distance relationship and visiting US twice, Rachel and Antonio get married in December 2018 and stablish his live and business in Columbus, Ohio. Shortly after being stablished in Columbus, he won his first Best Of Show at the Studios on High Gallery. since then he has a permanent art exhibit at the place. In 2019 Antonio hire an art coach to comprehend the Art market in the US. The same year Suzanne Rusconi Accetta see his artwork and invites him to be part of the Central Ohio Watercolor Society. Suzanne recommends him to teach at the Cultural Arts Center, but he is rejected. In 2021 he won the Best Of Show at the Ohio Art League. 

Artist Statement

Antonio is fascinated by the light and how it physical phenomena changes everything that we perceive with our eyes. Linking the light fascination with his curiosity about folklore, nature, philosophy, and history we will see what his work is about. He can find the beauty the in traditional labor sailors, in landscapes and so on. He has a deep admiration for Velazquez and Sorolla. 


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