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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Amber Mason

Home 4012 E Mound St County: franklin
Columbus Ohio 43227 United States
Home Phone: 614-288-9161


     My name is Amber Mason and I was born in Columbus Ohio.  I work with a variety of mediums.  I currently work for Columbus City Schools as a Substitute Teacher.  I first became interested in art in elementary school.  My teacher noticed that I had a gift for drawing.  I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University.  I was invited to share my story celebr4ating the courage and strength of survivors within the Buckeye community.  I receive an art grant in 2019 from Greater Arts Council.  

Artist Statement

     There are times in everyone’s life when they are faced with difficult choices and tough decisions.  We have the option to persevere no matter what, or allow life’s circumstances to overwhelm out thoughts and destroy the spirit of faith in ourselves.  My goal is to guide young women and mento focus on their life in a positive and hope filled view.  I want to b e the match that ignites a fire inside of people that can aid in the “fight or flight” instincts that can lead people to their better selves and highest potential.  Everyone needs a voice of uplifting and encouragement when life seems bleak and hopeless.  

     The conduit for my emotional release has came through the wonderful and whimsical world of Art.  Art is passionate, intense, and expressive.  World famous pieces like the “Mona Lisa” and other famous pieces of art hangt in museums, Cathedral’s, and Gardens all over the World.  Art can be inspiring as well as controversial.  The pieces can als9o serve as a powerful way to counter sexism, racism, inequality and injustice.  

     Through Art, there can be a place of respite and a new world of opportunity.  Self-expression and creativity can give birth to ideas, therapeutic releases, and a healthy way to release stress.  I want to introduce the public to another way for people to unburden their innermost secrets, private thoughts, opinions, and worldviews that are solely controlled by them alone.