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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Allen Friedman

sculptor artist musical artist
Home 100 Fox Hollow Drive County: cuyahoga
cleveland Ohio 44124 United States
Home Phone: 216.347.1844 Website: Friedman Artistry Website: STARFORM COSMOS



Friedman Artistry is the name of an artist and his company, WAVEFORM Unique. The artist, Allen J. Friedman, is based in Cleveland, Ohio. His work spans the disciplines of music and art. Friedman uses his experience in a sheet-metal shop to create luminous metal sculptures. His work is inspired by ocean waves and uses mirror-polished stainless steel.

 MUSIC: Musical Artist, Award Winning Composer/Songwriter, Jazz/ Rock/ Classical/ Keyboardist and Educator, Allen Jay Friedman (Allen Jay) is a Keyboard Master. He plays the musical spectrum. At the Keys for over 55 years…” to Express the Art of Music Design.” I create from the palette of musical color and texture. I Then Tell A Story Through My Musical Arrangements. A composer should never put limitation on himself by achieving in one genre of music and say, “that’s it, I’m satisfied,” but should have freedom of expression in all there is…like the billions of stars, I am a “GALAXY BEING,” – no more, no less. Music Without Boundaries!

EXPERTISE:  Composer of Original Music.”To Express The Art Of Music Design.”  Private Study with noted Jazz Pianist Bill Gidney (1980-1981) Lecturer, Teacher of Jazz History, Cleveland State University. Private Study with Well-Known Jazz Pianist DR. Joseph A. Howard (1981-1982) Professor of Music, Cuyahoga Community College, Head of Jazz Studies, Cleveland Music School Settlement.  Study of Orchestration with Samuel Adler (1983-1985)  Extensive Study of Theory, Chord Voicing and Scale Treatment (1983-1985) Obtained the first Moog Synthesizer in the Cleveland area for Study in Application and Usage of Electronic Instruments in Music. (1970.) State-Of-The-Art In-Home Studio Constructed Specifically to Handle Original Music Design and Creation.(1985-Present)

AWARD WINNING MUSIC: Original Music for advertising. Scored numerous projects including original music for The Cleveland Clinic, Siemens, Ohio Bell, Oldsmobile, Jaguar, Estee Lauder, Chic Jeans, Christmas Opening for The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus, World Wine Import Company, Child World, Crime Stoppers, Innovations, Suddenly Sun, Kent State Liquid Crystals, Holmes/ Chavez Fight Open, Las Vegas. My Electronic Music was featured at the Comdex Computer Convention. I am Published in Articles on Constructing the Music Score, MIDI and the Tapeless Studio, Digital Sampling and Arranging.

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement: I am a self taught sculptor artist with over 20 years of experience working in a sheet metal shop. Having mastered the skill of metal fabrication and being inspired by the ocean waves, WAVEform was born….a striking design concept. Fusing abstract elements, mirror polish stainless steel is hand shaped into a one of a kind wondrous design. WAVEform creates stunning design spaces that can be introduced into a wide variety of modern environments. Each hand formed sculpture finishes with resemblance but never identical, mirroring the beauty of the waves themselves! My work has been called ”striking” ”exquisite” ”mysterious” ”stunning” ”compelling” ”unexpected” ”lovely” ”stellar” even ” unbelievably cool!” I am thrilled to work with individuals, art curators, interior designers, and architects, to develop cutting edge site specific design installations. I look forward to beginning a project with you!


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