Hand-Painted Murals

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“Simply Complex” Interior Mural

Size: 13′ by 9.5′

D&K Printing is a Boulder, Colorado-owned, family-operated printing business that has been around for over 50 years. After using D&K for years as one of my go-to printers for clients, I jumped at the opportunity to paint an in-house mural for their headquarters.

D&K wanted the design to reflect their brand, but to also have some fun and spontaneity to it. Basing the design off of D&K’s logo and brand colors, I created an optical illusion pattern that repeats symmetrically for a moment, then breaks out into asymmetrical goodness. To stay consistent with their brand identity system, we used the D&K color palette.

“Expectant” Exterior Mural

Size: 59′ x 13′

Painted on the backside of 10 Barrel Brewing, one of the prime spots for the 2017 CRUSH Walls Mural Festival in Denver, Colorado’s RiNO Art District, the concept behind “Expectant” was hope. The freehand geometric shapes play along with the building, dodging in and out of the confines of the wall; life and energy emerge in vibrancy amidst a grayscale patterned background. The careful placement of patterns activated the space and created a few “moments” where viewers could take fun and spirited selfies.

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk.

“Surveying the Land” Interior Mural

Size: 28′ x 17′ (upper right corner) and 14′ (upper left corner)

I painted “Surveying the Land” in 2017 when I was chosen to be the large scale muralist for the Boulder Creative Collective (BCC) and Street Wise Art’s (formerly & Art Space) 2017 Summer Mural Pop-Up at the BCC in Boulder, Colorado.

This mural is a commentary on the influx of people moving to Colorado, and the constant changes in landscape that are being created as a result of that inpouring.

“Landed” Interior Mural

Size: 9.5′ x 13′

“Landed” was a privately commissioned in-home mural in Brighton, Colorado. One of the owners of the house has been a flight attendant for 19+ years, so I created a piece that was very personal to her. When she comes home, she has “Landed”. She is in her safe place. Consistent place. Steady space. With her beloved husband and pup.

“Hazy Hideaway” Interior Mural

Size: Approximately 170 square feet of painted surface

“Hazy Hideaway” was a privately commissioned residential mural installed in Fairview Park, Ohio. This privately commissioned mural had one main objective from the client: to feel like a cozy, overcast day; gray, cloudy, pretty. Not depressing or gloomy, but emitting the feeling of snugness.

I worked with the client to create a piece that flows throughout the room, leaving vignettes of beautiful abstract cloud formations with a balance of liveliness and calmness.

“Bloomtown” Exterior Street Mural

Size: Approximately 1,000 square feet of painted concrete

The intersection of 26th and Spruce St. in Boulder, Colorado had become quite a dangerous intersection for the neighborhood. Visibility was slim to none, cars often ran the stop signs and safety for the pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles had become a major concern.

Along comes the Vision Zero program. This program (in partnership with Community Cycles, Boulder Department of Transportation, and the Office of Arts and Culture) was created to add safety and visibility to some of Boulder’s most unsafe intersections.

“Bloomtown” is a play on “Boomtown.” Not only does Boulder continue to grow, it has also overcome a lot over the last few years, and this piece is full of life, hope, and enjoyment. The design is meant to inspire unity, hope, and thoughtfulness within the community. My hope is that this mural will put a smile on the faces of those who come across it.

Many many thanks to the Boulder Office of Arts and Culture, Community Cycles and the Boulder Department of Transportation for bringing me on as the muralist for this project.

“Shorebreak” Interior Mural

Size: 6′ x 10′

“Shorebreak” is quite different from my other mural work. It is also more significant, as it was a gift from me to my parents who made the move to sell their home of 50 years (holy jubilee!) in January of 2019. They then went ahead and had a new modern home built! Neither one of them ever thought they would leave their previous house, but one day, that all changed. They had the crazy idea to build their dream home, and they decided to go for it!

I am so inspired by them, and proud of them. Even in their older years, they are living life to the fullest, embracing new things, and making the most of every day. I couldn’t be happier for them, and this (small) gift to them by no means compares to everything they have done for me, and how they have always loved and supported me, but I hope it brings them some joy for years to come. It is a small token of appreciation for the love and encouragement they have given me over the years. I am so very thankful to God for giving me such dear parents. I am able to make a living doing what I love because of them.

“The Butcher’s Block” Exterior Mural Panels

Size: Six 8′ x 4′ panels

Though The pandemic changed how we experienced restaurants, dining out DIDN’T have to be lackluster.

COVID hit the restaurant industry hard, and those running restaurants did their best to keep their doors open. Being a major foodie, I began thinking of ways to help elevate the outdoor dining experience for those who had to use outdoor tents to keep their doors open. I teamed up with my favorite restaurant, Blackbelly in Boulder, Colorado, to create an outdoor dining space that was creative and inspired, like the food they so lovingly serve up. The result was “The Butcher’s Block,” a series of six moveable mural panels that could be hung side-by-side to create one cohesive piece or hung individually as single works of art*.

The concept behind “The Butcher’s Block” speaks directly to Blackbelly’s cuisine and mission: “Exceptional foods must come from exceptional sources. The mission at Blackbelly is that food will always start with seasonal, local Colorado- grown ingredients, and pasture-raised, sustainable animals.”

Sharp triangles cut through the piece like knives from the butcher block. Hatched lines in the background emulate the grain of the meat.

*As of 2022 the panels have been permanently installed on the exterior of the restaurant.

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk.

“Mystic Murals”

Size: Three 8′ x 4′ wood panels.

Earth and sky. Fire and water. inspiration is drawn from the earth to your plate at this Boulder, Colorado eatery.

Inspired by the rich earth tones of the northern New Mexico landscape and Mexican blanket textiles, this three panel moveable mural series is meant to intrigue and elevate the Santo outdoor dining experience. Imperfect, hand painted geometric patterns create tension and cohesion, playing off of Chef Hosea Rosenberg’s unique interpretation of Northern New Mexican cuisine.

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk.

Green Joe Coffee Interior Wallpaper Mural

Size: 13.5′ x 6′

Custom wallpaper to motivate you as you start your day with a cup of Joe, from Green Joe Coffee in Schaumburg, Illinois.

When discussing Green Joe Coffee’s desired aesthetic for the wallpaper, we landed on the following for inspiration:
• Reflection of the owner’s taste in art and culture
• Street art and murals
• Cool
• Very geometric
• Eye-catching
• Intersecting lines that create movement
• Triangles

The final wallpaper design focuses on a triangular pattern that bursts out and above a black and grey optical illusion pattern. A touch of elegance is added by having pops of metallic gold strategically placed throughout the piece. Full of movement, the wall art is meant to spark creativity and evoke hope.

Photo by Martika P. Gartman.