Rita Elswick

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"Fire Within "

I called this Photo ' Fire Within " Capture at a show at the Cuyahoga County Fair Grounds August 2023 .


Cleveland Script Sign in Cleveland , Ohio

The Most Famous Tree at Edgewater

The Most famous Willow Tree at Edgewater beach .

Protection of the Evil Eye

This is a photograph I call the Protection of the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye serves as a safeguard against evil in life.

Reach for the Impossible

This photo is captured in Downtown Cleveland it is known for it's beautiful fountain . It is called the Fountain of External Life. It is known as the War Memorial Fountain and peace arising from the flames of war.


This photo I capture in downtown Cleveland, Ohio at the Old Stone Church. This statue is of " Homeless Jesus" . It is a bronze statue By Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz depicting Christ the Beggar . The answer is Love

Cleveland Terminal Tower

I captured this Photo in Downtown Cleveland of Terminal Tower. Black and White Photograph.