Linda Gaynor Sculpture

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Caffeinated Bliss

"Caffeinated Bliss" is a forged and welded sculpture with found object, including vintage coffee tins. Weight: 78.8 lbs, Height:70.25" x Width 55" x depth 8". Year created 2022.
"Caffeinated Bliss is a forged and welded sculpture with vintage coffee tins, found object. The sculpture is a joyful representation of being caffeinated with a cup of coffee. The vintage tins connect the past to current times and demonstrate how coffee has been a part of our lives for many years. It binds the generations.

"On Fire"

"On Fire" is a sculpture consisting of 3 individual flame sculptures. The sculptures are constructed from forged and welded steel, and found objects. "On fire" is a whimsical representation of fire. The bold and bright colors bring joy to the fun sculpture. Flame1. weight: 31.5 lbs, Height:" 62" x Width 26.75" x Depth 8'; Flame 2. Weight: 31.3 lbs. Height 62" x Width 25' x Depth 8"; Flame 3. Weight: 23.9 lbs., Height: 46" x Width 24" x Depth 8". Completed 10/2019


"Pterobird", Completed in 2022. Weight: 24.6 lbs., Height: 59" x Width 8.5" x Depth 17".
"Pterobird is a playfully awkward bird created with found object and forged and welded steel.

In Flight

"In Flight" is a forged and welded steel sculpture with found object. "In Flight" depicts a shadow of a bird in flight. The simple nature leads to its allure. Height: 72" x Width: 30"x depth 6". 2022


"ArmChair" is a forged and welded steel sculpture with found object. "Armchair" is a punny and just fun interpretation of an Arm chair. Constructed in 2023, "Armchair" Height:23" x Width: 15" x depth : 20", weight: 19.8 pounds. Number 1 of a series.

Wingback Chair

"Wingback Chair" is second in the chair series. Constructed in 2023 with Welded steel and found object, " Wingback Chair" is a fun and whimsical representation of a wingback chair. Height: 21" x Width: 15" x Depth 6".

Club Chair

"Club Chair" is third in a chair series, a forged and welded steel sculpture with found object. "Club Chair" is a fun and punny sculpture interpretation of a club chair, including the mayo. Height: 14" x width: 8" x Depth 7". weight: 19.2 pounds

Eye see you

"Eye See You" is a forged and welded steel sculpture with found object. Completed 11/2021, "Eye See You" stands tall and is a playful eye sculpture. The found objects and detailed forged eyelashes add to this unique sculpture. Height: 74" x Width 32" Depth 10.5".

Air in my Hair

"Air in my Hair " is a forged and welded steel sculpture with found object. "Air in my Hair" is a fun sculpture depicting wind in long hair, the joyful carefree feeling that one feels as the air flows through your hair. Height: 57" x width 40" x depth 6". Weight 39.7 pounds. created 2021. Companion to "Air no Hair".

Air No Hair

"Air No Hair" is the companion piece for "Air in my Hair". Constructed from forged and welded steel and found object; "Air no Hair" is a fun Giant head sculpture. It is a modern abstract piece that brings joy while observing it.