Kostiantyn Nikitchenko’s Bas-Relief Portfolio #1

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French Decor

In March of 2023, inspired by 1860's wall paper found under old wainscot in a museum kitchen restoration, I replicated the wall paper design on the fireplace wall to give tribute to the family who built the mansion in 1858. The Bas-Relief plaster sculpture design on the wall is 4 feet in width and 5 feet in height. I also added the feather part of the design around the kitchen's chandelier. The entire 1890's kitchen restore took about 4 months. The actual Bas-Relief plaster work was created over a period of about 5 weeks.


In November of 2022 I took a job drywalling a Grandparent's addition on to their daughter's home. The lady of the house wanted sunflowers above one of her doors. I plastered and sculpted a typical classical bas-relief in all white and she requested that color be added to the relief as well 3 snapdragon blossoms. The size of the relief is 4 1/2 feet wide and 3 feet in height. The actual relief took about 2 weeks.


Cornflowers was created to use up left over plaster from a plaster job in 2019 in the Ukraine. The textured plaster wall gives a beautiful contrast to the very smooth petals of the flowers. This bas-relief of six blossoms is 4 feet wide by 6 feet in height.

Lone Rose

Lone rose was created in April of 2023 for a graduation gift to a lovely young daughter of a dear family I met upon arrival in the US. The single rose classical bas relief is 2 feet wide by 3 feet in height unframed.


The classical bas-relief of three roses was sculpted from plaster and given to a young couple for a wedding gift. This relief is approximately 1 1/2 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet tall unframed. This couple married in June of 2023 and I completed it in about 5 days.


I appreciate the fluidity of plaster. I created this orchid in 2021 again from leftover plaster from a large plaster job in the Ukraine. This actual bas relief was created on a stair wall and stretched the length of the wall. I am unsure of the dimensions. This was created in the apartment of friends.


The couple that got me the Museum Kitchen Restoration job in January of 2023, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in June of 2023. Over the 4 months I worked at the museum, they became dear friends. Begonia was inspired by the beautiful flowers they took care of at the museum. I sculpted this classical plaster bas-relief for them for their gift. It was given to them on the day that the restored kitchen open house was held at the museum. I love to create art that brings people joy. Begonia is

Wood Carved Boxes

I tried my hand at carving wood Bas-Relief in 2019. My Ukrainian friend was getting married and I made him the box on the left of the photo. I'll call it Lovebirds. It is a box in which you keep treasures. After receiving the box, he wanted to learn to carve. The box on the right I'll call The Sampler. I taught him to carve a buck deer scene, roses, tulips, leaves and more.

Apple Blossom, Sun Flares

Apple Blossoms created in July of 2023 is a plaster classical Bas-Relief 42 inches high and 24 inches wide. Created totally from my heart and mind it is meant to bring to mind the blossoms of the beautiful apple tree in spring. Price $6,000.00
Sun Flares also sculpted in July of 2023 was inspired by beautiful photos of the flares coming off the sun. Possibly my most dramatic attempt in classical bas-relief, this sculpted piece is also priced at $6,000.00

The Artist

I am inspired by nature and am blessed to be able to recreate some of the things God has created by sculpting plaster bas-reliefs. It is my hope to be able to exhibit my work at the Exhibition in 2024. Please consider me when you select exhibitors. Thank you and God Bless You for promoting art in Ohio.