Benjamin J Anderson

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Whats Old Is New

A conceptual piece depicting an old theater developed into a new venue. Digital art, hand painted using stylus and tablet. 2022.

Dallas Doesn't Love You

Second in a themed series studying the concept of historical scenes recreated with people and animals with all flesh removed, and all clothing removed, with the exception being, hats, shoes, and accessories. This is the historic scene of President Kennedy's assasination at Dealy Plaza, in Dallas, TX. The last words said to Kennedy was from the governors wife stating, that "You cannot say that Dallas does not love you." This one is a bit bacabre, but is not meant to be more than what it is. 2011.

1978 Belmont Stakes

This is the first in the same theme as Dallas Doesn't Love You. This depicts the photo finish of rival horses Alydar and Affirmed at the 1978 Belmont Stakes horse race in New York State. 2011.

Cindy Does Fallujah

A light hearted look at Hollywood meets the 2nd Iraqi War of the Battle of Fallujah. 2009.