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Of Flame & Frost

Aspen Frost has fallen from grace. Once among the upper echelons of popularity at Magik Prep Academy, a terrifying event at a party leaves a nasty rumor in its wake and thrusts her into social isolation.

Cole Raiden is an unusual hybrid of phoenix and fire-drake. And out of control. When a disastrous accident leaves him devastated and unable to control his inner flames, Magik Prep Academy is his last hope to regain any chance of a normal life. Ostracized because of his genes and his touch that reduces everything to ash, Cole seeks refuge in his loneliness.

But when bullies find them both, Aspen and Cole reach for the same piece of magic, then find themselves plummeting through time, landing at the beginnings of Magik Prep Academy.

War is on the horizon. If Aspen and Cole can’t find a way back home, they’ll be caught in a fight that could decimate their future. Cole and Aspen must learn to trust each other, and trust themselves, if they have any hope of reaching their own time again.

Of Flame & Frost is published with Quill & Flame Publishing House, and is available wherever books are sold, in ebook, paperback, hardback, and audio.

Making Magik

Mischief, magic, and romance leap off the pages of this anthology of short stories from the world of Magik Prep Academy. Join dragons, werewolves, kelpies, elves, fairies, and mythological monsters as they learn about friendships, first loves, and fighting for the things that matter most.

Paperback copies print with full color inserts.

Published with Quill & Flame Publishing House, and available wherever books are sold. Available in ebook and paperback.