Urban Landscape 1

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An iconic fixture on Cleveland’s Whiskey Island was the Huletts, known for their grasshopper-like appearance and ability to quickly unload ore ships in the early 20th century. This was an old film shot I’d taken in the summer of 1999 a few months before they were to be dismantled. My father was an artist and I took him on a painting trip that day to record his last images of the unloaders. While he worked with his canvas I explored different viewpoints with my Hasselblad.


I love illusions and this image appeared like lava raining down on an old warehouse building in the Cleveland Flats. In 2010 the Ingenuity Festival was held in this area and a temporary waterfall had been erected on the lower level of the Detroit Superior Bridge. Illuminated by colored lights the scene took on this other-worldly aspect of flaming curtains.


Glass, steel and reflections always catch my eye whenever they are found in unique compositions. Driving through the city one evening we passed by this recently completed portion of the Cleveland Clinic. The soft evening light really appealed to me in a way that was very different from the harsh daytime sun that most people see.


The first Innerbelt Bridge no longer exists but it was the backdrop for many of my photos over the years. Taken from the early morning vantage point of the Hope Memorial Bridge I was struck by the back-lit tones of the gravel piles as they were framed by the various bridge components. The strong morning light also provided a nice high contrast touch to the industrial elements.


One of my favorite Flats bridges is the RTA rail bridge – Terminal Viaduct – which provides red line service from the airport and West side all the way into downtown. The beautiful curved columns capture early morning as well as late afternoon light in a variety of patterns and textures. I’ve photographed this structure during every season of the year and never tire of its beauty.