Figurative Work

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Self Portrait

This is oil on mirrored steel. These works are fun because they change according to the environ ment and the viewer always becomes part of the work. 12″x12″

The Gaze

Oil on canvas 24×30 I like her intensity.

Sizing It Up

oil on canvas 28×32 This young woman appears lost in thought. The lighting is what drew me to the image.

Break Time

It may be a break from work but not from their phones. This is a common sight in today’s world. oil on canvas 36×60

Sour Note

It is apparent which person sang that note. oil on canvas 30×40


The guys that maintain these old cars are rightly proud. Few tourists can resist a ride in one. oil/collage 36×48

East Meets West

Many of my paintings derive from my travels. This one speaks to the striking cultural contrasts in Dubai. oil on canvas 48×36


This one is from my family album series. Most family albums will have at least one mulit-generation photo. In this this painting, my mother is the baby.

The Connosseurs

Here is another oil on mirrored steel. The subject is self explanatory. 24×24 oil on mirrored steel

Our Boy

Proud parents vacationing with their son. In a few years he’ll be off with his friends.
oil on canvas 36×60