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Yellow Bullhead

YELLOW BULLHEAD – I’ve been a photography volunteer at our local Metroparks system for many years and have contributed work to display and print publications. One of my more unique projects was helping to document fish of NE Ohio for a book. Working closely with park naturalists we spent nearly two years traveling the system as well as netting and photographing several dozen species. This catfish never posed very well but helped to create a nice abstract image.

Frozen Vernal Pool

FROZEN VERNAL POOL – What is the viewpoint for an image and where is a frame of reference? Is the photographer standing inches or feet from the subject? Sometimes it’s hard to tell and the photograph can be quite illusionary in that regard. Once a country club sand trap this small depression is now a vernal pool in the local park system and summer home to amphibians and insects. What appear to be bare tree trunks in the middle of January are only dried shrubs and twigs that are a few inches tall.

Ghostly Rhodo

GHOSTLY RHODO – At first glance this is not what it seems and I was immediately struck by the illusionary aspect of the scene. What appears to be the root structure of a shoreline rhododendron is nothing more than an old fallen tree. While boating in the Carolina’s we just happened to pass by this arrangement.

Cumberland Island

CUMBERLAND ISLAND – This beautiful area is Georgia’s largest and most southern barrier island. Containing over 9,000 acres of wilderness it also features beaches, marshes and maritime forests. Some trees are vestiges of their prior glory and make wonderful sculptures for black and white photography.

Magee Marsh Burn

MAGEE MARSH BURN – Ohio’s Lake Erie coast is a wildlife refuge for many birds and other animals. It also offers interesting hiking and birding opportunities. This area periodically undergoes a controlled burn so the marsh will not turn into forest. The juxtaposition of steaming cooling tower against the burning grasses makes an interesting social commentary.

Desolation Maumee

DESOLATION MAUMEE – Further West on Ohio’s North coast is Maumee Bay which has a great state park as well as nice hiking. During one winter blizzard I enjoyed the view of denuded trees against the stark winter landscape.

Bruce Peninsula Fen

BRUCE PENINSULA FEN – During our Ontario trip we enjoyed hiking this shoreline ecosystem on the coast of Lake Huron. Because of the wet marshy environment it is host to pitcher and other carnivorous plants. Some orchids and other rare plants are also found in this woodland and dune ecosystem.

By The Jack Pines

BY THE JACKPINES – The skeletal remains of what may be Hickory trees give silent testimony to a quiet area of Cape Breton Nova Scotia. This was a 3 ½ day drive from Cleveland but provided interesting ecosystems to explore every day upon our arrival. The original shot had very little color and I was fascinated by the stark, high contrast shapes of the bare wood.

Big Meadows Field, Shenandoah

BIG MEADOWS FIELD, SHENANDOAH – We visited this area twice over the years and each time the different seasonal light offered a new viewpoint and pallet of engaging colors. The trails lead to different compositions and it’s a pleasant easy way to enjoy a stroll through nature.

Maumee Sunset

MAUMEE SUNSET – Maumee Bay State Park is our go to place for quiet secluded vacations during the off season. There is a wonderful 2-mile loop boardwalk trail that traverses a marshy forest as well as coastal wetlands. A constant wind blows in off Lake Erie and creates wonderful green wave patterns across the acres of tall grasses.