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Grotto Cliffs – Bruce Peninsula

GROTTO CLIFFS, BRUCE PENINSULA – My wife and I have visited Canada over the years for sightseeing, hiking and photo excursions. An incredible area is the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario which is a UNESCO World Biosphere located on the Niagara Escarpment. This photo is typical of the huge overhanging cliffs. Much of the rock is over 400 million years old and the cliffs were created when water eroded the limestone since the last ice age.

Singing Sands Fen

SINGING SANDS FEN – This area of the Bruce Peninsula enjoys a combination of wetland, forested habitat, shoreline fen and a mix of coniferous woodland which all merges together in a diverse ecology and dune ecosystem. The area is home to 3 species of carnivorous vegetation, as well as orchids and rare plants found only in the Great Lakes region.

CVNP Ledges

CVNP LEDGES – This is one of our regular hiking areas in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and I’m always struck by how the rock appears to flow down to the trail. I was impressed by the shape and form of the composition so I decided to render it as a black and white photo.

Acacia WinterMist 2

ACACIA WINTERMIST 2 – One of the new Cleveland Metroparks is the Acacia Reservation which was a former 155 acre golf course and country club from 1922 – 2012. It is now reverting back to a more natural state and exhibits winter time beauty during the snowy months.

Big Meadows Tree Snag

BIG MEADOW, SHENANDOAH – Once used to bivouac U.S. Army soldiers this area is a beautiful high-elevation meadow full of grasses and other plants that provide habitat for many animals. Numerous paths wend their way across the acres which are bordered by a thick tree line and forest.

Smokey Mountains

SMOKEY MOUNTAINS – In 2008 we took our first vacation to this area of the country renting a cabin at 3,500 ft. Steep switchback roads eventually led to our rental. We soon discovered that every morning after the mist dissipated we were above the cloud layer for at least an hour. Each dawn greeted my camera with a new canvas of highlights, shadows and pastel wonder.

UP Dune Hiking

MICHIGAN UP DUNES – The area around Grand Sable Dunes in the Michigan Upper Peninsula is a great place to explore with incredible color vistas during the Fall Season. The grass texture makes a wonderful contrast with a coastal tree line and windblown dunes. It was a favorite hiking locale.

Michigan UP Beaches

MICHIGAN UP BEACHES – Lake Superior constantly pounds this northern coastal area of the U.P. changing the shape and contents of the beach every day. This Fall hike revealed beautifully eroded rocks and a constant motion of rivulets as the water perpetually drained through the sand back to Lake Superior.

Nova Scotia Countryside

NOVA SCOTIA COUNTRYSIDE – Small towns, vacation homes and miscellaneous outdoor structures dot this fascinating landscape. There is little congestion and very often wide open vistas separate any evidence of man’s habitation.

Roadside Sculpture

ROADSIDE AMERICANA – Driving through Maine we were delighted to discover this highway art created with tractor seats. A local farmer had a tractor museum which was unfortunately closed, but several outdoor sculptures did not disappoint the curious.