People & Street Photography

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Lantern Parade

LANTERN PARADE THE CIRCLE – For many years the Cleveland Museum of Art has staged this wonderful event using the costume and exhibit talents of local artists. The flowing motion and energy of this scene on Wade Oval finally rendered into a beautiful color composition after many attempts with the poor light. It’s one of my favorite holiday shots.

Dog Gone US Mail

DOGGONE U.S. MAIL – This street shot of the “Male Guard Dog” was shot in Loudonville Ohio on a short family vacation. The owner was very happy to introduce her pooch who seemed very possessive of his mail box.

Freighter Key West

FREIGHTER KEY WEST – During a 1974 road trip to Key West I spent a lot of time exploring shops, sightseeing and walking the docks. This young child was on a freighter out of Panama and seemed to have a fascination with my camera. Shot with b/w film this was typical of street photography I did while in college.

Moe, Garage Murals

MOE, GARAGE MURALS – My early photographs were of family and friends and those I encountered in everyday activities. My parents were not only accessible but they encouraged my creativity. My father Moses Pearl was a very prolific artist for more than seven decades and often did large works in the garage during pleasant weather. You can learn more about him here: Moses Pearl – Artists Archives of the Western Reserve . This photo was taken with my first medium format camera which I later used in social event photography.

Ida & Cat

IDA & CAT – My mother once a sweet cat named Culligan, about the time I got my first adjustable 35mm SLR. I used a lot of film at that time documenting family activities and college newspaper events and this is one of my favorite “domestic shots.” I was able to capture wonderful window illumination just as Ida was lovingly adoring her cat.

Geometric Stroll

GEOMETRIC STROLL – Street photography can provide some wonderful opportunities to contrast both manmade and organic shapes. I actually spotted this area ahead of time, intrigued by the variety of lines, squares and rectangles. By luck the strolling pedestrian was an added bonus as he walked into the frame. The original scene had a small amount of color but to me it was all about the shapes. For that reason I converted it to b/w.

Great Balls of Fair

GREAT BALLS OF FAIR – Jeanne and I love to visit county fairs for the food, action and surprise photographic moments. This was several years ago at the Great Geauga County Fair and I couldn’t believe these children were rollicking in sealed plastic balls that probably had minimal air. Regardless, they were having a good time judging by their expressions.

Invisible Dog Walk

INVISIBLE DOG WALK – late afternoon photography can result in interesting shadows and high contrast compositions. This family is clearly walking two dogs but none of them are actually visible other than a single shadow. All else is implied.

Lantern Parade with Globe

LANTERN PARADE WITH GLOBE – During another Lantern Parade the Circle in Cleveland this event offered some very captivating large puppets and costumes. Only using the available light from a street lamp and the “Wizard’s Globe” I was able to compose this mysterious shot.

The Joy of Pigeons

THE JOY OF PIGEONS – In 1971 our family camped at Cape May NJ in a little trailer and one day we visited the Atlantic City Boardwalk. There was much to see and I was just learning the more complicated skills of street photography. This little girl was having such an exciting time I don’t think she even noticed me.