People at Work

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Innerbelt Bridge Welder

INNERBELT WELDER – People at work can be fascinating subjects, especially when the composition takes on an other-worldly aspect. Shot with a long lens to isolate the background in a unique situation, this welder appears as an alien explorer surrounded by a swarm of bees.

Medina Street Performer

MEDINA ICE – Street performers don’t disappoint and this magician wowed an attentive crowd at the Medina Ice Festival.

Crab Market

CRAB MARKET – This “Crab Monger” was happy to mug for me in a D.C. fish market. I thought it was quite amusing the manner in which he labeled his products.

Cleveland Firefighters

CLEVELAND FIREFIGHTERS – I’m on the board of a small art museum called the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve (AAWR). In 2015 the warehouse adjacent to our property burned and we feared for our collection. Fortunately the blaze was controlled and the only permanent memories of this event were the photographs I shot that day.

Cutting the Deck

CUTTING THE DECK – As I documented the Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge construction project I was fascinated by the different activities involved. Prior to explosive demolition of the old bridge it was necessary to cut much of the concrete decking to facilitate the destruction. What attracted me was how the clouds of concrete dust resonated with the steel mill smoke behind.

High Steel Beam

HIGH STEEL BEAM – The daring high steel workers of the 20th Century always amazed me as I looked through old copies of Life Magazine. I was equally impressed by the great photographers like Bourke-White who documented their activities. This is my attempt to create that same mood against the Cleveland skyline.

Ida Wylie

IDA WYLIE – My wife Jeanne and I love to travel to “green” areas where we can hike, explore new ecosystems and find new opportunities for unique photography. In 2019 we visited the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario Canada. That area is part of the UNESCO Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve. Ida Wylie ran the local sweets shop and was a great source of local information after a day of hiking.

Roof Top Workers

ROOF TOP WORKERS – Not quite fiddler on the roof these workers reminded me of that play as they repaired the roof of the Annunication Greek Orthodox Church in Cleveland.

The Old Carver

THE OLD CARVER – Fairs provide many photo ops and the annual Yankee Peddler Festival in Canal Fulton is a favorite of ours. I loved how the grizzled carvings resonated with the sculptor’s face.

CMA Cookline

CMA COOK LINE – During the grand opening of Provenance Restaurant at the Cleveland Museum of Art in 2012 I gained access to behind the scenes activities. The hardworking chefs in their black and whites provided wonderful contrast to the silvery pots, hooks and other kitchen gear. It was obvious to me this would be most effective as a b/w photo.