A series of works

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“Dancer Suspended” (2021) is a 36×36 inch oil on canvas painting of a ballet dancer suspended in mid air against a geometric backdrop. $3700.


“Bliss” (2021) 34×44 inch, oil on canvas. Female Dancer leaping into a green, organic background. The backdrop was painted loosely with stand oil mixed into the paint to allow the paint to haphazardly find it’s spot on the canvas. $4700

City Glow

“City Glow” (2021) 24×24 inch, oil on canvas. A view of Cincinnati, with the Roebling Bridge in the middle ground as seen from Covington, Kentucky. This painting was a practice in textures and lights. $2000

Queen City Reflection

“Queen City Reflection” (2021) 24×12 inch oil on canvas. City scape of Cincinnati along the Ohio River, with the city’s reflection. $1100

The girl in Pink

“The girl in pink” (2019) 36×24 inch oil on canvas. An Urbanscape painting of Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, showing a family walking along the cobblestone. The girl in pink falls right into the focal point of the scenery.