Encaustics – Representational

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Take Me There

This totally fantasized seascape was developed as travel seeped back into my dreams. With such a long COVID break from the world, this was my way to escape. With hand-dyed and painted mulberry papers, I created pocked, rocky mountains and textured, craggy reefs. A multitude of materials like pan pastel, stylus tool, oil stick paints, India Inks, shellac burn, carving and blending techniques all came together for this dreamy scene. 36″ x 24″, 2021, $1400.00.

The Hoi-Poloi of Koi

As much as I dislike how they beg for food, I love the boisterous clamoring of Koi in lily ponds. And for an artist, what a fantastic set of colors with which to work! That coral-orange, white and black amid the blues of the water and the bright greens of the foliage are candy to the eye. The Koi are printed archival photos, the lily pads are mostly my pen and ink with watercolor creations, the green plant life is dyed paper, and the bottom surface has a shellac burn base under the transparent blue surface of the water. The white rings are India Ink on the surface of the water. 36″ x 12″, 2021. $1200.00.

Life Is Good

Inspired by a friend’s evening kayak trip, I wanted to convey a simple, peaceful scene with my encaustics. Using gouache paints as an underpainting, I was able to add many layers of pigmented waxes on top and carve down to the painting. It successfully emulates the patterns of the last rays of the sun setting on the water. The abstracted horizon of trees and simplified sky and water had pan pastels added to soften the effects. 2019, Framed in black floating frame, 24″ x 18″, $750.00.

Forests, Flames and Fury

With climate change has come wildfires enmasse. Night after night we see natural disasters unlike any previous time. So much of our wildlife, parks and communities has been destroyed that the “Fury” in my title doesn’t only describe the intensity of the fires – it describes my anger. The intense night scene uses lots of texture to show chaos, incorporates bold and faint charred tree images and vivid, shocking colors of the flames against the night darkness. 2020, 14″ x 11″, framed in black floating frame, $350.00. Was juried into two statewide exhibitions.

The Three Sentinels

This 10″ x 8″ framed encaustic has a shellac burn, India Ink and Oil stick additions for the motion of the water. The pelicans are encapsulated photos added for interest. 2021, $250.00.