Abstract Encaustics

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Change Is Coming

Made as a triptych, this very textured set of 24″ x 24″ encaustics were first set on fire with a shellac burn. This technique makes organic shapes similar to nature’s patterns on water surfaces. The middle section had wax added and then carved away to reveal the similar design of the outer two. This work can be made in any color combination, and is currently over our Master Bedroom’s King sized bed. 2019 NFS.

Snippets of Monet

With Monet’s water lilies in mind, this work uses the same color palette, but has simplified the work to it’s simplest essence. By carving away much of the patterns, it leaves “snippets” of colors to suggest the lilies. This work has had a shellac burn to start it off – in other words, it was set on fire – ironically to produce water-like shapes on the surface. It is 24 x 24″, produced in 2021 to kickstart a series underwritten by the Greater Columbus Arts Council. The series will select other master works by beloved artists and boil them down to the bare essence of their favorite color palettes. 2020, $800.00.

Monet Moment

This 24″ x 24″ encaustic also was inspired by the water lily motif of Monet. Although similar to the Snippets of Monet, it was not carved away at all, only set on fire with pigmented shellac on encaustics. 2020, Sold.

Rising to the Surface

Looking very magma-like, this work also reminds me of a stock market report. Maybe there’s a connection somewhere? It is 14″ x 11″, framed in black in a floating frame. The surface is smooth and shiny from the burnt shellac on the fused encaustics. 2020, $350.00.


This large (36″ x 24″) encaustic has many many layers of melted wax. Although it looks smoking hot, it is glossy and smooth to the touch. The multiple transparent layers look like granite or lava up close and is hard to tear away from looking at it. On hardboard panel, 1.5″ deep, made in 2019. $1200.00.

Rollin’ Along

With gears, circles of India Ink, embedded painted papers and carved sections – Rollin’ Along has a lot to keep your attention. It has been juried into a show in L.A. by a local art critique for contemporary encaustic artworks through the International Encaustic Artists Association. Created in 2019, 14″ x 11″, $350.00, framed in black floating frame.


Wavelengths was created as a challenge to see what I could do with a sheet of Suminagashi – marbled Japanese rice paper. I collaborated with Ann Alaia Woods, who does and teaches this technique. The resulting piece is in an exhibition, “The Language of Creativity” at the Dublin Arts Council gallery. It sold the first day of the show. !0″ x 8″, framed.

Assimilation from Syria

Collaborating with Author Rose Ann Kalister, I tried to convey inspiration from her book, “Sister of Saidnaya”, an Immigrants story from Syria. Knowing that encaustic art originated over 2000 years ago in the same region as ancient Syrian culture, I was eager to collaborate on a work that would show the historical significance of both. Using a cracked plaster base, I incorporated sections of an Arabic primer used to teach English, and used a photo of an ancient mosaic that has survived over the centuries. Parts of the cracked plaster were removed in sections for historical and artistic effect, and some bits of copper were added. My main message in the work emphasizes the crumbling state of affairs in Syria under a brutal regime and the loss of their culture with so much destruction. 16″ x 12″ framed in black floating frame – $375.00. 2021.

Tangled Up In Blue

Incorporating gorgeous cobalt blue and metallic gold into this piece was fun and effective. The “bling” on the printed paper was accentuated with printer’s gold leaf foil and bits of gold leaf to add movement. The blue accents were provided with cobalt oil stick paints on the wax and fused in. I borrowed the Dylan song title since it worked so well with the visual. 2019, framed in black floating frame, 10″ x 8″, $250.00.

Rising to the Occasion

So much going on here, but fun to see the movement and excitement in the works! The stenciled wax sections, fused India Inks on the pigmented waxes add a complex background to the wonderfully simple copper shapes that anchor the piece. 8″ x 8″, unframed on hardboard. $125.00.