Springs and Lakes Series

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Lake Michigan view 1

Bronze and Kiln Cast Glass H 18″ W 16″ D 2″

This sculpture offers a sense of light pouring through water, a hint of water life, lots of clues to the geology through which Lake Michigan emerges and some hints about the history of the land surrounding the lake. On a purely formal level, the active textures and the contrast of the smooth “water” should give pleasure to tactile sense.

Lake Michigan view 2

see Lake Michigan view 1

Lake Erie’s Gone Crazy

Bronze and Kiln Cast Glass H 12″ W 12″ D 2″

Lake Erie has been upended by the algae crisis in the western end. Textural clues to the sources of agricultural runoff are included in the bronze on one side of the sculpture while the other side offers clues to geologic history, artifacts of indigenous cultures that once surrounded the lake and the musket balls of the colonial forces.

Textures off lively movement in the bronze and contrast with the glass “water”.

Springs Geology 1

Bronze and Kiln Cast Glass H 15″ W 22″ D 9″

The textures of ancient corals, sea creature fossils and skeletons from more recent geological ages are featured in the bronze portions of the sculpture. The glass represents the freshwater springs that emerge through this geology.

The bronze medium offers a great opportunity to enhance the textural explorations. Through the use of a patina and then selective polishing the textures become clear.

Springs Geology 1 detail 1

See description of Springs Geology 1

Springs Geology 1 detail 2

See Springs Geology 1 description. The experience of viewing the glass varies with the lighting, the back lighting and the colors of object behind the glass.

Springs Geology 2

Bronze with Kiln Cast Glass H14″ W 16″ D 2″

The springs emerge through layers of geologic history. The ancient coral beds, layers of fossils of other sea creatures and land creatures form the bronze textures that contrast with the glass “water”.

Springs Geology 2 detail

See description of Springs Geology 2

Springs Geology and History

Bronze and Kiln Cast Glass H 16″ W 15″ D 2″

In addition to the textures of the geologic layers through which the springs emerge, this sculpture hints at the history of humans near the springs with fishing and hunting artifacts of indigenous peoples. It also features some musket ball textures.

Springs Geology and History detail 1

see Springs Geology and History above

This detail shows sunlight coming through the glass.