The Paintings of Nickolas Hartman

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Prophecy no.09

Oil on canvas 2020
no.09 is a cryptic vision from beyond the veil. It was made in mid August just after my birthday in the year 2020. The sky is a ominous red and the entity in the sky appears to be linked to the cloud. Meanwhile ashore disaster ensues.

Endless Grab For Power

Oil on canvas 2020
The constant strain on the senses culminates in a mob-like frenzy in an Endless Grab For Power. The hysteria, confusion, and helplessness one feels in contemporary society as the few prepare for the next phase in human subjugation.

Lost at Josephson Junction (gen jerk circut)

Oil and plaster on canvas 2020
The sky as depicted when looking up at a Josephson Junction

Commanded To Rise

Oil on canvas 2020
Another Desert another time…

Self Portrait

Oil and acrylic board 2020
The anxiety and panic of today.

Au Revois Strange Attractor

Oil on canvas 2020
Romanticism and Mathematical anomolies

Estrotto Moderno

Oil on canvas 2021

The Crowd

Oil on canvas 2021

The Final Virtue

Oil on canvas 2021


Oil on canvas 2020