Public Art Projects

Hydro-eclectic Power

Commissioned by City of Rockville, Maryland for its Swim and Fitness Center

The room had major acoustical problems, which led the City to specifically seek textile art for the space. I mitigated the problem through the use of painted acoustical baffles and heavily-textured (including pleats) fabric wall art. Graphic design and placement in the room incorporates an architectural wave element present in the lobby and hallway (pictured below), and inspired by aerial photography of Maryland.
2 sets of 5 art quilts: 28″ W x 33″ H, 40″ W x 50″ H
Painted cotton duck fabric, pleated and quilted
10 acoustic baffles, 24″ W x 48″ H, masked and spray-painted

The Name of a River Can Heal

This was commissioned for the reception area of St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital. The panels are installed over glass-tiled niches behind the reception desk.
Each panel 108″ H x 31″ W
Machine pieced and appliquéd, collage, machine quilted
Fabric paints, metallic foil
Edges of panels turned under (no binding or facings).
Cotton and organza fabrics, many of which I painted or stamped; rayon, cotton, polyester monofilament, metallic, Sliver and hand-dyed cotton threads.

Honeylocust Tangential Section x5

University of Montana, Missoula
42″ H x 27″ W
Cotton fabrics, cotton threads, paint
Machine quilted

White Ash latewood, tangential x300

This quilt, and a second quilt in this series, is in the District of Columbia’s “HeART of DC” collection, at the John Wilson Building (City Hall).

26″ H x 25″ W
Cotton fabrics, cotton threads, paint
Machine quilted

You Can See the Tree for the Forest

This is a commission for the neonatal wing of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They requested that the artwork have the four seasons, trees, lots of colors, and fit in a 5 x 14 foot niche.

The glass to cover the niche was limited to a four foot width, and so the join lines had to be considered when developing the design. The room decor has 12 hues, around the color wheel. (And there was an extremely tight deadline.)

Welcome Communication

A triptych commissioned by the Utah Public Art Program, it hangs in the reception area of the Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Taylorsville, Utah.

Center panel 72″ H x 56″ W, side panels each 72″ H x 30″ W
Machine pieced and appliquéd, raw edge pieced, fused, machine quilted
Thread painting, acrylic paints, sunprints, metallic foil, fabric collage, machine lace, dyesticks.
Cotton fabrics, many of which I painted or printed; rayon, cotton, polyester monofilament and hand-dyed cotton threads; cotton batting.