City Scenes

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The Journey Mural

Acrylic, paper, and fibers on canvas

The painting showcases a view of the Short North and the mural depicting a Somali woman that lives here in Columbus.
Inspired by a fabulous photo by the talented photographer Ron Blunt, used with permission.

The mural on the building was created by by artists Ryan Sarfarti and Eric Skotnes and it’s on the side of the Graduate Hotel in the Short North Arts District in Columbus, OH

It’ll Be Grand

Acrylic, colored pencil, markers, paper, and ink on canvas.

This painting is an abstract and colorful representation of how the Short North looked during the 2018/2019 winter, when orange barrels and cranes where everywhere and traffic was crazy, and we kept telling each other the improvements were worth the suffering, because “It’ll Be Grand”.

Wine on High

Acrylic, paper, and fibers on wood panel.

A vibrant view of the Columbus Short North.

The Scioto Deer

Paper, ink, and acrylic on canvas.

This deer statue adds fun and quirkiness to the Columbus skyline and it has quickly become a friendly selfie companion to many.

A Night Out in the Short North

Acrylic and paper on wood panel