Inks People

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Oyster Bar

Sketched at the Oyster Bar In Grand central in NYC.


This was from a painting demonstration for the Ohio Plein Air Society at the Mac Center

Arthur Cohen

A fellow artist in Provincetown Massachusetts posed for me (unknowingly, I think!) Montblanc black ink

Cat & Chris

The cat was not actually on my friend’s head, a well renown Day Lily farmer in Vermont (Olallie daylily gardens) but somehow it happened, this humorous juxtaposition.


Was able to capture this friend who normally does NOT hold still much.


Israel, a more religious neighborhood

Subway portrait

One of the cool things about sketching in the subway is you don’t gotta lot of time. So rather quickly did this and the strong lines give it some power.


I like the Chinese writing in the background and the circle which secures the strings which allows the sketch pad to be tied up.


I like the quality of the ink and water softening edges and also the cartoony and strange floating face. Distortion can make things way more interesting. And I like the way the man seems to be in deep thought, with his hand on his chin.


Sketched on the subway, the simplified indication of the tracks and the figure between them and the officers creates a nice openness where you might not even see that figure but when you do, it’s kinda fun.