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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Yvetta Eley

Director/Educator Kenyetta CompanyCultural Arts
Cell Phone: 2157984015


My efforts are to use theatre in all its creative aspects to, educate, enlighten and to transform people. My gift is to use the educational tools that theater employs to add value to students’ lives and to nurture their positive development. Also, I seek to uplift the role of women in society throughout the diaspora.
I am a world traveler having been to five of the seven continents. I have had personal interaction with communities of people throughout the world from various cultures and ethnicities and bring a unique perspective and sensitivity to culture and community building through theater.
Beyond my well documented achievements in theatre and community services (see my resume’), I will bring vast experience and a vibrant sense of community to a project. I seek to “raise consciousness and nurture compassion through groundbreaking performances and life-changing educational/theatrical programs.”
I have been teaching, directing and performing for over forty years from the Lincoln Center in New York to international venues around the world.

Artist Statement

Artistic Statement

I am an artist, yes this is true,
A director, performer, cultural consultant too,
A writer, choreographer, educator and more,
I’m a lifelong learner who loves to explore!
My strong forte is in theater Arts,
And development of people is close to my heart.
Using art to build community is not easy to do,
You must pull from the energy deep inside you
Balance and good character; positive traits that are stressed,
Helps us to discover the many ways we are blessed.
Using spiritual tools dance and theater employ,
I persuade my students to participate and enjoy.
The shy, the awkward, the reticent to share,
Become actively involved, and socially aware.
Becoming whole using creative process keys,
Is how we holistically build strong communities!
Through this way of working, clearly you see,
No matter the project, it’s about the journey!
Changing lives through theater is what we do,
We “raise consciousness and nurture compassion” too!
Whatever the age – adult, youngster or teen
All benefit from a process that fosters well-being.
-AdeOlomo (Sister Yvetta)