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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Yufeng Wang

Professor Sinclair CollegeHumanities
Home 25 Trevor Lane County: Warren
Springboro OH 45066 United States
Cell Phone: 937-238-6161 Website: Yufeng Wang Art


Yufeng Wang, Ph.D

Professional and Personal Information: 

  • Professor, Humanities Department, Sinclair College, Dayton, OH
  • 25 Trevor Lane, Springboro, OH 45066
  •;  937-238-6161

Art and Humanities Leadership Roles at Sinclair College and the Greater Dayton Community:

  • 2020-           Co-Director, East Asian Studies Grant (from the US Department of Education), Sinclair College
  • 2021-           Co-Coordinator, East Asian Language & Culture Immersion Day at SCC 
  • 2019-           Member of the Board of Trustees, Children’s Historical Publishing
  • 2023-           Member of the Board of Trustees, Dayton Society of Artists
  • 2022-           Member of the Community Outreach Board, Cincinnati Art Museum
  • 2006-2013   Member of the Trustees, Dayton International Peace Museum
  • 2020-22      Board Member & Director for the Ohio Humanities SHARP Grant at the Dayton Woman’s Club
  • 2021-22      Board Member, Dayton Business and Technology High School, 2021-22

Art Presentations and Public Workshops:

Art Awards and Exhibitions:

  • Underglaze painting “Four Seasons” received first place in the Dayton Painters and Sculptors show in 2015. 
  • Underglaze painting “Li River” was awarded the Burnell Roberts Purchase Award in 2015 and is in the permanent collection of Sinclair. 
  • Ceramic sculpture, Love and Grace, was the centerpiece of the Art Exhibition “Symbols of Grace” at the Marian Library, University of Dayton, 2017.  The sculpture is a Chinese rendering of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. With ancient Chinese dress, underglaze painting of roses, and the traditional character of Love as a centerpiece of decoration, the sculpture conveys universal love, grace, and tranquility. This sculpture is in the permanent collection of the Marian Library. 
  • Featured artist for two brush painting exhibitions at Wright State University (April, 2012) and the Springboro Performing Arts Center (March 2023). My brush paintings were included in numerous art exhibitions at the Dayton International Peace Museum, the Dayton Metro Public Library, Centerville Library, and more.

Recent Art Presentations and Brush Painting Workshops:

  • Dayton Art in the City Peace and Harmony Brush Painting Workshops (8/5/2023; 8/6/2022).
  • Springboro Arts Center (3/19/2023, upon popular request another one is scheduled for 3/15/2023)
  • Cincinnati Art Museum (3/18/2023; upon popular request another one is scheduled for 5/20/2023)
  • Dayton Society of Artists (July 10, 24, and August 7, 2022)
  • Sinclair College East Asian Immersion Day (4/18/2022).
  • Dayton Woman’s Club (three art and culture workshops 2/5, 4/9, and 5/21/2022).
  • Dayton Metro Public Library, Miami Township Branch (6/4/2022).
  • East Asian Immersion Day at Sinclair College (4/19/2022; 4/18/2023)


Artist Statement

As an ink and wash brush painting artist, my love of traditional Chinese art was inspired by renowned artists Sun Qifeng and Fan Zeng in Tianjin, China, since my teenage years. My artwork desires to transmit a sense of peace and harmony in nature and humanity.

Through Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, I attempt to convey the inner spirits and outer beauty of our surroundings. I use the fine-tipped Chinese brush with ink and color on paper, silk, canvas and ceramics, creating a rhythmic synchronization of stroke variations and texture expressions to form a mind reflection of the subject. The goal of my brush painting is not to merely reproduce the appearance of the subject but to capture its soul.