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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Tracy Miller-Robbins

Visual Artist / Animator
Cincinnati Ohio 45040 United States
Home Phone: 6147462869 Website:


Tracy Miller-Robbins is a media installation artist, animator and visual artist who creates works that merge analogue with digital methods, resulting in prints, art projections, short films and site specific animated installations. She holds a bachelors degree in Painting from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and a master’s degree in Electronic Art from the University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP. Tracy spent 25 years as a professor at an art college in Ohio, and has conducted community workshops and collaborative projects for over 20 years. Tracy’s work has been shown at Siggraph, InterCHI, European Media Arts Festival, Digital Graffiti Festival, SUPERTOON, Torpedo Factory Art Center, Melbourne International Animation Festival, CICA Museum, Anteros Art Gallery, Filmideo, Rush Process, Mosaic World Film Festival, ANIMAZE, Animafest Zagreb and the World Animation Celebration.

Artist Statement

There are several threads in my work- but the main threads are: public art/installation, the line between animation and drawing, the line between digital and traditional methods, and the line between abstract and figurative. I create work grounded in traditional drawing and painting. I use digital tools as a way to explore and experiment, and to reach new
audiences. Artists who influence my work are varied- they range from the drawings of Alberto Giacometti, the paintings of Diebenkorn, the drawings of Ben Shahn, the paint on glass animations of Caroline Leaf, the erasure animations of William Kentridge and a range of auteur animators in the US and internationally. It is with a love of traditional media that I engage with digital tools, often developing processes that allow my mark in the work, allows some element of surprise, but also provides alternate methods of showing the work. When I painted, I created large scale, wall size paintings, which led me to creating projection art installations and works for public installation. Part of my interest in this format is that a looping animation allows the viewer to control their time with the work and it creates a contemplative space similar to the viewing of a painting. Another thread in my work is that I tend to have, inherent in all my work, a message about the human condition, often originating from personal and interpersonal experiences. With that said, as an animator I separate myself from traditional hand drawn animation in my varied approaches to creating animation as well as my keen interest in the individual drawings themselves. This creates a back and forth where some of the frames become drawings and some of the drawings become material for animation. My work can range from frame by frame hand drawn animation, drawings created with procedural drawing tools to looping sequences that change form depending on the characteristics of the environment in
which they are installed. All of my work is subtly autobiographical yet intended to tap into more universal sensations and experiences.