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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Thomas Baillieul

EarthFriend Arts
Home 86 E. Beechwold Blvd County: Franklin OH 43214 United States Home Phone: 6144471223 Website: EarthFriend Arts


Tom holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Earth Science from the University of Massachusetts.  He has worked in such diverse areas as: mineral exploration around the world; preparing environmental impact studies for the U. S. Government; and leading the clean-up of retired nuclear facilities.  Behind the scenes, though, he has always created art.  Training and experiences in the Earth Sciences have shaped the way Tom perceives the physical world – giving him the ability to think in four dimensions, the three spatial dimensions and “deep time.” A life-long interest in Anthropology and the evolution of abstract reasoning in humans, along with time spent among other cultures in southern Africa informs his integration of cultural symbolism in many artworks. Tom’s award-winning artwork appears regularly in solo and juried shows around central Ohio, and is found in private collections across the country.  Since retiring from the Federal government, he has become the coordinator of exhibitions for the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. He is a past president of the Clintonville (Ohio) Arts Guild, and a former member of the Board of Directors for the Ohio Art League. Tom is represented by the Terra Gallery, Dublin, Ohio.

Artist Statement

Tom’s art emerges from the ideas that pop continuously into his mind.  Inspiration can come from any source: a gallery exhibition, a word or phrase, a news article, ocean waves, back alleys, satellite images, patterns in tree bark, a wild print dress, a machine, or a circuit diagram.  Each idea demands treatment in specific media and styles – whether it be paint, fiber, or a mixture of materials.  Nearly every piece he creates is narrative.  Viewers are presented with a concept, a snapshot image, or a question – whether addressing issues of social or environmental justice, cosmic connections, travel, or the humor of the surreal.  Tom likes to challenge viewers’ perceptions of reality and try to get them to think deeply about who they are in relation to the world around them.  They are then encouraged to complete the story from their own experiences.

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86 E. Beechwold Blvd OH 43214 United States


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