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Epiphone 335 dot Custom Shop limited edition. Flame Maple Top Gold Hardware, slender Maple neck. Upgraded with Gibson P94 pickups. These sell for $139 each at Sweetwater. Also includes hard shell case. Great guitar good condition. $450 or trade for guitars or amps. Call, text or email  2005 Epiphone dot standard 335 with case. Excellent condition, plays and sounds great. $280 firm or trade for electric guitars or tube amps. Call, text or email  My email won’t send to craigslist temp addresses! If you replied, and got NO answer from me, PLEASE reply again, with your contact number, or include a “real” email address so I can respond! Thanks. (See current post below)

Reply with your contact number, or include a “real” email address so I can respond! Thanks.

Gretsch G5422TG Double Cut Hollow Body DELIVERED – $725

Sell or trade. Gretsch G5422TG Electromatic Double Cut Hollow Body Guitar
Snow Crest White, GOLD hardware. No case (Does not come with case and I didn’t buy
it to gig with. So I didn’t buy one.) Used about 2-3 hours. NOTE: I have the pick guard.


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